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Rhea Ripley Turns On Liv Morgan; Bianca Belair Fined One Dollar

Rhea Ripley has seemingly turned heel as she ended her partnership with Liv Morgan on this week’s Raw.

Walking into Raw the team of Ripley & Morgan had a huge opportunity to capture the Women’s Tag Team Championships in a match against Sasha Banks & Naomi. The result of the match came down to Ripley being isolated and double-teamed by the champs. Banks hit the Bank Statement on Morgan which had the champs focus on Ripley. Banks would pin Ripley to secure the gold to stay around the waist of the Boss ‘n Glow.

After the match, Ripley and Morgan had a verbal argument about the results of the match. When Morgan went to walk away, Ripley attacked her from behind before delivering the Riptide signaling the end of their partnership. Moments later backstage, she stated that she didn’t have to explain herself to anyone about her actions.

Sonya Deville made her way to the ring next and she wanted to explain why she challenged Bianca Belair for the Raw Women’s Championship. Because Belair is the B.E.S.T. of WWE, Deville says she wants to beat the best in order to win her first championship gold.

Belair made her way to the ring as Deville taunted her about when their match would actually take place. At first, Deville suggested the two battle tonight in Buffalo, New York but she retracted that thought. She wants Belair to lose where it will really hurt the most. Perhaps next week in Belair’s hometown of Knoxville, Tennessee.

Deville adds that Belair’s family and friends are used to watching her lose a title quickly. Belair had heard enough and lifted Deville up to deliver the KOD. With mic still in hand, Deville warned her that if she executed it that she would fine, suspend, and strip her from her title. Belair didn’t execute the KOD but did toss her into the corner to end the segment.

Moments later, Deville ran into Adam Pearce who seemingly is taking the side of Belair. He added that the higher-ups are looking into Deville’s behavior while saying that Belair will be fined and it has been taken care of. Belair appeared and came to pay her fine. The fine of one crisp dollar.

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