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ROH Honor Takes Center Stage – Day 1 Results

ROH presents two live iPPVs from Atlanta today and tomorrow. Tonight, Ayumi Kurihara and Hiroyo Matsumoto take on Sara Del Rey and Serena Deeb.

Princess Mia spotted during the Four Corner Survival match. She and the Embassy are accompanying Tomasso Ciampa.

During the match, Mia hits a big spin kick — in a dress — on Homicide!

Later, Colt Cabana is taking out everyone including those at ringside. Mia gets up on the apron, but instead of hitting her with an elbow, he plants her with a kiss.

Women of Honor Tag Team Match
Kurihara and Ayumi shake hands with Del Rey & Serena to get the match started.

Matsumoto and Serena kicking off the action. They lock up and Serena applies a waistlock, taking Hiroyo down and stomping on her hand. Arm-lock reversed by Hiroyo. A series of arm drags by Hiroyo on Serena.

Del Rey tags in now. ‘Queen of Wrestling’ chant breaks out. Hiroyo raises her arm for a lock-up but Del Rey kicks her in the gut.

Del Rey walks into a boot as Hiroyo tags out to Ayumi. Knees in the corner to Del Rey by Ayumi followed by a clothesline by Hiroyo. Ayumi with another double-knee smash in the corner. Suplex with a bridge pin but Del Rey kicks out.

Del Rey with kicks on Ayumi and pin attempt. She tags out to Serena. Serena gets in the ring and is taken down with a dropkick immediately. Ayumi applies a unique submission which is broken up by Del Rey who comes in and kicks Ayumi.

Del Rey in control now with forearms and whips Ayumi into the ropes. Hiroyo holds onto Ayumi. Serena runs at Ayumi but she moves out of the way. Serena falls out of the ring. Ayumi with a crossbody from the top turnbuckle on Serena on the outside.

Action returns to the ring where Ayumi has Serena in the corner. Goes for a monkey flip, Serena moves out of the way and puts her up on the turnbuckle. Ayumi manages to apply a tarantula/armbar on the ropes. It’s broken up by Del Rey. Pin attempt by Serena but no three.

Del Rey back in now, stomping away at Ayumi in the corner. Double team back elbow by Del Rey & Serena. Del Rey picks up Ayumi in Glam Slam-esque position and allows Serena to sock her before planting her on the mat.

Serena tags back in and slams Ayumi.

SHIMMER Tag Team Champions, Daizee Haze & Tomoka Nakagawa have come out to ringside and are scouting the match!

Cravat by Serena on Ayumi. Crowd trying to get Ayumi back into it. Serena picks up Ayumi but she counters into a cradle.

Sara jumps into the ring and knocks Hiroyo off the apron. She tags in but gets hit with a double-knee smash (Codebreaker). Ayumi tags in Hiroyo who begins to clear house & hits a crossbody on both women.

Hiroyo hits a gutbuster on Del Rey and has the match won with a pin but Serena breaks it up. Serena begins hitting Hiroyo with big punches, she runs the ropes but Hiroyo comes at her with a clothesline. Capo Kick from Del Rey on Hiroyo. Missile dropkick from Ayumi on Del Rey. Urinagi from Ayumi on Serena. Hiroyo then hits a backdrop driver on Serena to pick up the win!

Winners: Ayumi Kurihara & Hiroyo Matsumoto.

They will face Tomoka & Daizee tomorrow on the second iPPV.

The two tag teams have a staredown. Tomoka spits water Ayumi’s face and they flee the arena to end the segment.

Thoughts: Great match. Fast paced and exciting. A good taste of the Joshi talent for those who’ve never seen them before. Also a nice set-up for tomorrow’s SHIMMER Tag Team Championship match.

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