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ROH Honor Takes Center Stage – Day 2 Results

ROH’s second iPPV this afternoon features SHIMMER Tag Team Champions Tomoka Nakagawa and Daizee Haze defending against Ayumi Kurihara and Hiroyo Matsumoto.

The Embassy come out and Prince Nana says he and Princess Mia have come all the way from Ghana. He calls her the prettiest woman in the world. Nana introduces the newest member of the Embassy — Dave Taylor.

Mia and Embassy at ringside for Colt Cabana vs Dave Taylor.

Taylor loses the match. Mia & co. get in the ring and berate him.

Mia and Nana stay at ringside. Time for Tomasso Ciampa’s match now with Homicide.

During the match, some attempts at interference with Mia and Nana gettong on the apron, but Homicide is smartened up after last night’s interference.

Nice shoutout from Dave Prazak to Diva Dirt, mentioning that Mia’s spin kick on Homicide last night made headlines here.

Homicide goes for the Cop Killer but gets distracted by Mia who gets up on the apron. The distraction allows Ciampa to win the match with a northern lights suplex.

After the match, Homicide gets in the ring with a steel chair. He throws it at RD Evans and knocks him out. He’s now after Mia. He grabs her by the hair by Prince Nana pulls her out of the ring.

SHIMMER Tag Team Championship Match
Daizee and Tomoka don’t want to shake hands before the matcha nd get booed.

Hiroyo and Tomoka kick the match off. Side headlock by Hiroyo. Tomoka elbows her way out. Hiroyo runs the ropes and shoulder tackles Tomoka several times. Tomoka begs and pleads with her to stop. Daizee attacks Hiroyo from behind. Double team attempt by the champs is countered by a double crossbody.

Ayumi tags in and takes down Tomoka with a clothesline and then applies a submission but Daizee breaks it up by kicking Ayumi. Tomoka rakes Ayumi’s eyes and tags out to Daizee.

Daizee with a double chop. ‘Eat a sandwich’ chant for Daizee. Ayumi applies the tarantula/arm submission over the top rope on Daizee.

Ayumi goes up on top but Tomoka spits water in her face. Daizee goes for a cover but Ayumi kicks out. Tomoka back in the ring now and hits a snapmare. She hits a low dropkick & goes for pin but kick-out.

Ayumi runs the ropes and manages to roll up Tomoka but no three. Daizee knocks Hiroyo off the apron. Double team dropkick/bulldog by the champions.

Ayumi with a dropkick on Tomoka. Hiroyo tagged in and begins clearing house of both the champions. Kick in the face from Tomoka. Hiroyo hits a backdrop on Tomoka. Body slam attempt on Daizee but Daizee manages to apply a sleeper hold. Ayumi jumps on top of both women and applies a sleeper hold too. Hiroyo drops down on Tomoka.

Double knee smash in the corner by both Ayumi and Hiroyo on Tomoka. Ayumi with a double-knee smash (Codebreaker) and low dropkick. Ayumi goes for Urinagi but Tomoka counters and tags Daizee.

Daizee with forearms. Ayumi hits a back-stabber (think Carlito). Hiroyo with a missile dropkick on Nakagawa.

Urinagi by Ayumi on Daizee, Backdrop driver by Hiroyo. Hiroyo goes for the pin but Tomoka pulls the referee’s leg out of the ring.

Ayumi with a heart punch & yakuza kick. Tiger suplex on Ayumi for the win!

Tomoka and Daizee retain.

Ayumi and Hiroyo get a big applause and a ‘Please come back’ chant from the crowd to end.

Thoughts: Another fantastic match. Very fast paced. Even better match than last night.

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