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ROH Recap (July 19th, 2010): Jamilia Craft vs Sara Del Rey

After a week long hiatus, we are back with the ROH Recap! Two weeks ago, we seen the impressive rookie, ‘Jumpin’ Jamilia Craft, take her mentor, Daizee Haze, to the limit. This week she faces a bigger (literally and figuretively) task, having to grapple with one of the strongest women in the business, Sara Del Rey.

The bell rings as Jamilia proceeds with the code of honor, extending her hand to Sara, but instead gets a huge boot upside her head. Sara takes advantage of a dazed Jamilia by hooking her from behind and delivering a belly to back suplex, keeping her fingers locked for the pin. Is the match over already? Jamilia doesn’t think so as she rolls her shoulders off the mat before the three count. Sara’s jaw drops in disbelief and her facial expression screams “This b!tch did not just kick out?!”. Sure enough, she says “This bitch?!”. Sorry Sara, but it’s going to take more than that to keep this woman down.

Sara gets up and kicks at Jamilia like she’s dirt on the side of a road. Sara then takes her to the ropes, shoving her head through the middle, and proceeds to choke Jamilia out with the most pressure coming from her legs. While this is happening, Sara and her cronies taunt the crowd.

Sara decides to make her way to the apron and delivers multiple kicks to the chest of Jamilia. Jamilia crumbles to the mat as Sara goes for another quick pin. Jamilia shows she still has some fight left as she kicks out again.

Sara immediately picks her up and delivers a beautiful snap suplex before sitting Jamilia up, trying to rip the mask off of her face. Realising that she is unsuccessful, an angry Sara gives a stiff kick to the back of Jamilia. She sends Jamilia to the turnbuckle following a charge, but charges right into Jamilia’s elbow. Sara tries to give her a right handed punch to the face, but Jamilia comebacks again with a pair a feet to Sara’s face.

Jamilia runs toward Sara and is picked up for what looks to be a sidewalk slam by Sara, but quickly counters it into an inverted DDT. Jamilia tries to get the upset and goes for the pin, but isn’t even close as Sara kicks out after one.

Jamilia tries to continue the momentum and runs to the ropes only to have her momentum stopped by a big boot to the face courtesy of Sara Del Rey. Not wanting to give her another chance to get an upset, Sara picks Jamilia up and delivers a piledriver for the win.

I’m not going to lie. I was immediately dissappointed when I seen the run time for this match, but looking at the line up of the show it is understandable. There were three other matches (one being a streetfight I believe) and not to mention the interview segments in between. That is a lot to squeeze in the span of an hour.

That said, Jamilia got very little offense in, but it is better than nothing which is what I initially thought it was going to be after Sara pinned her at the beginning of the match. As advertised during the match, Sara has a big rematch against Amazing Kong. Kong will definitely be looking for revenge after what happened in their last meeting. It was important for Sara to look strong and focused in this match before this weekend. I think we will be seeing a rematch between Sara and Jamilia in the future where the match will be given more time and Jamilia will be given the chance to display more of her offensive weapons.

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