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ROH Recap (September 28, 2009): Roxxi! Roxxi! Roxxi!

After a *cough* brief hiatus, the Women of Honor are back in action on ROH on HDNet. Monday night’s show saw former SHIMMER Champion, Sara Del Rey take on (former?) TNA Knockout Nikki Roxx aka Roxxi. Check out the match below:

ROH on HDNet 9/28/09 Nikki Roxx vs Sara Del Rey


Making her way way to the ring first (and looking great, I might add) is Nikki Roxx, followed by Sara Del Rey, who is being accompanied to the ring by her ridiculous eyebrows (Don’t tell her I said that).

Straight out of the gate, the two women get into a shoving match. Unfortunately for Nikki, the exchange ends when Sara slaps the taste out of her mouth. Nikki tries to get the upperhand with a dropkick and a chop in the corner, but is taken out by a unique rolling heel kick from Del Rey.

In typical ‘Death Rey’ fashion, Sara takes control of match using kicks and stomps to keep Nikki on the mat. She even takes time out to verbally abuse the referee. Now’s that’s  multitasking. After a flurry of offense and a near fall, Del Rey goes for a submission and the crowd goes wild for Nikki. Nikki easily powers out of the submission just to be taken down by a handful of hair and a nasty knee to the head. Ouch.

After narrowly escaping defeat, Nikki avoids a big boot from ‘Death Rey’. She goes for a boot of her own, but Sara has the same thing in mind. Both ladies connect and I wince in front of my monitor. Double ouch. Nikki follows up with some stiff elbows to the head and a beautiful fall away slam for a 2 count.

Looking to finish Del Rey off, Roxx goes for the Barbie Crusher, but Sara escapes with a knee to the head and a sick roundhouse kick. Wasting no time, Sara locks in the Royal Butterfly and hits it to pick up the win.

Not a bad match from the veterans in my opinions. A little short for my taste, but still a good match. When I first saw this match on paper, I expected a total squash match for Del Rey. Thankfully, ROH let Nikki get in some solid offense against the former champ.

Best spot of the match goes to the sick double boot. Such a simple move, yet it had me cringing when I saw it. That had to hurt.

Outside of the actual wrestling, I loved how supportive the ROH fans were of Roxxi. Kinda sad that such a small venue makes more noise for the SHIMMER girls than a huge arena makes for the Divas.

On a unrelated note, WWE or TNA really need to scoop up Dave Prazak. He’s a genius on commentary: “You know what that look means? SHE DON’T LIKE YOU!” Priceless.

Fellow ROH and SHIMMER fans, I hope you enjoyed that. Knowing ROH it’ll be the last SHIMMER match we’ll see for a while. Oh well, there’s always the DVDs…

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