Friday, December 1, 2023

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ROH Taping Spoilers From Last Night [Nikki Roxx’s Debut]

Ring of Honor taped some episodes of it’s HDNet series last night, including the debut of the newest Woman of Honor — Nikki Roxx, the former Roxxi in TNA. Not sure when it will air but we’ll give you advance warning before it does:

Sara Del Rey defeated Nikki Roxx.

Nikki blows like three moves right to start, but hits a stiff chop on Sara, which Sara responds to with a rolling kick to the chest. Sara stomps away at Nikki in the corner, then Beel Tosses Nikki across the ring by the hair. Snap suplex gets 2 for Sara. They big boot one another in the face simultaneously as the fans start chanting Roxxi. They’re not supposed to chant that! Nikki with a chinbreaker and a roaring forearm, followed by an atomic drop and a beautiful exploder suplex for 2. Nikki goes for the Barbie Crusher, but Sara escapes, hits a high kick to the head, and then the Butterfly Powerslam for 3. [Source: PWInsider]

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