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Rolling Stone Covers #GiveDivasAChance, Highlights Differences Between NXT and WWE

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Rolling Stone has joined the host of mainstream media outlets covering the #GiveDivasAChance fan movement, highlighting the differences in treatment of the NXT Divas and the main roster Divas.

The article focuses on last night’s NXT match between Bayley and Becky Lynch, holding it up in stark contrast to Monday’s 30 second Divas match. On the NXT match, the article states, “Compared to your typical Divas match, it was striking in its depth, showing what can be accomplished in seven minutes with the support of a company, a compelling storyline and fully developed characters.”

NXT Divas matches succeed, the article argues, because the Divas are taken seriously. It says, “The biggest difference is that the division as a whole is treated like a group of wrestlers, rather than a sexy diversion at best, or a popcorn break at worst. They have tournaments, they have multiple storylines and those storylines are often played out in the ring, rather than backstage (or on the E! channel). The women’s division actually matters in NXT, because the women of NXT are given a chance.”

To support their argument, the article also cites AJ Lee‘s criticisms toward Stephanie McMahon and the comments recently made by Brie Bella about the difficulties of telling a story in short matches.

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