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Ronda Rousey reveals Travis Browne is banned from Raw

Raw Women’s Champion Ronda Rousey mentioned in an Instagram post that her husband, Travis Browne, has been “banned” from Raw. This news comes after Rousey and Browne struck WWE security guards after the Raw Women’s Championship match last night.

The two left together following a tense standoff with security. This morning Rousey said via Twitter, WWE can’t control her with the job or hired goons. She elaborated on Instagram, where she revealed Browne is banned.

The former Bantamweight Champion went on to say WWE was lucky Browne was there to stop her because she was just getting started. “Now that he’s been banned from Raw, your luck has run out.”

Last week, WWE announced on their website Rousey was fined as a result of her unprofessional actions, last Monday. Nonetheless, in response, she quipped, “I can afford it.” This all furthers the idea she has gone rogue since the epic exchange with Becky Lynch on Twitter, and the now infamous clip of her calling wrestling fake on an episode of “Ronda on the Road.”   

Travis Browne is also no stranger to controversy. It’s more than likely all a part of the storyline but pairing with him to generate more heat will give fans, even more, to talk about.

What do you think of this new development?

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