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Rosa Mendes Talks Joining ‘Total Divas’, Her Real Life Struggles Being Shown on Screen

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Newest Total Divas cast member Rosa Mendes recently spoke to Hidden Remote about the new season, joining the cast, making her real life struggles public and facing resistance from her fellow Divas.

How she joined the Total Divas cast: “Well, you know I’ve been off for about a year and a half dealing with some personal issues. I’ve been in the business for about eight years, so I didn’t expect it and it came out of the blue. To be cast on Total Divas is a big promotion, its a really big deal. I don’t think the other Divas expected me to not only come back, but to come back as a Total Diva, so it kind of threw everyone off guard. Not only that, I’m in the best shape I’ve ever been in my life. So it was like, I get back in the locker room; I’m on Total Divas; I’m looking the best I’ve ever looked and it kind of threw everyone off.”

Who is the real Rosa?: “I’m very animated and I’m very vocal about how I feel all the time, I’m an open book. I love the fact that people get to see that I’m a human being too and I go through real life struggles, that I go through ups and downs. I think they’re going to like the fact that I’m not bashing anyone behind their back. When I have a problem with someone I tell them to their face and whether its a confrontation or not I like to deal with the situation. I think the WWE Universe is really going to appreciate that side of me.”

The most difficult part of filming the show: “I think the most difficult aspect is that I’ve known everyone for a really long time – like I said I’ve been in the business for eight years. For the past year and a half I had some personal issues and I expected the Divas to be supportive and welcoming. I didn’t expect them to be jealous, and not be happy for me. I’m getting a lot more opportunities now. I’ve always been happy for them when they got opportunities, but now that I’m getting new opportunities some of them are not happy for me and that kind of hurt my feelings.”

What she brings to the table: “I’m an open book. All of the skeletons will be outside of the closet, I’m not holding anything back. What you see is what you get. When I’m feeling something, I say it; if I want to walk around naked I’m going to walk around naked. You’re going to see the real Rosa Mendes and I’m really, really excited for the WWE Universe and fans of Total Divas to see that side of me.”

Her relationship with Natalya:Natalya and I have always been pretty close, she’s like a big sister to me. When I was going through my personal issues she was there for me and she’s been there for me through a lot of hard times. I’ve always gone to her for everything and she’s helped me in the ring as well. She’s helping me get comfortable in the locker room and get adjusted to the road, and I really appreciate having her as a friend.”

Searching for a husband: “I’m single and I’m not looking to just date; I’m looking for a husband; I’m looking for the one, so they’re going to see that as well. I have a message to everyone out there: If you think that I’m the right woman for you, they feel that they can be the one for me, feel free to come up to me and ask me out. If you don’t mind the cameras, that’s cool too.”

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