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Rosemary talks signing with TNA, character, landscape of Knockouts division and more

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TNA Knockout Rosemary recently spoke with Channel Guide Magazine to discuss various topics about her TNA run since she debuted earlier this year. Here are a few highlights:

On signing with TNA after years on the independent scene:

“I had a lot of experience. Getting signed with TNA was the next step and something I never expected to happen, but it was really a wonderful surprise and something I saw as a new challenge for my wrestling career. I’ve taken it and ran with it.”

Though her appearance often compares her to Harley Quinn, Rosemary says she draws her Decay persona from other various fictional characters:

“You have Freddy Krueger, who is so flippant and sarcastic about death and torture. His verbiage is amazing in all his movies. Bellatrix Lestrange of ‘Harry Potter’ has all these mannerisms. Then you have the childlike blood lust that I drew from Claudia in ‘Interview with the Vampire.”

Outside TNA, Rosemary has a long tenured feud with fellow Knockout Allie, as Cherry Bomb, during their time at Smash Wrestling and talks the idea of bringing of relighting their feud for TNA television:

“That would be amazing. The response we actually got doing it on the independent level. The response we have gotten and just bringing that to Smash. Then with both of us signed has brought more eyes to Smash. It gets them interested in seeing our work outside of TNA. It would be amazing to bring what we have done in Smash to another level and have it on national television. I have no doubt in my mind we will blow it out of the water.”

Rosemary also discusses the diverse characters emerging from the Knockouts division:

“TNA is really getting back to focusing on the Knockouts, when they had the most diverse women’s division. You had ODB, the original Beautiful People, Gail Kim, Hamada and Daffney. Speaking of Daffney, you people out there, don’t call me a Daffney rip-off. She happens to be a very good friend of mine and loves the work I’m doing. Ask her yourself. But the division was so diverse. Now they are really getting back to it and encouraging a lot of people to let their inner-character come out. You are seeing it now with Marti, who is getting this fiery, New York Dominican out. Jade is bringing out this gangster side to her. I am obviously ridiculous in my own right. Maria is this delusional character in her own head. Allie is the lapdog who follows the big bulldog. You have Sienna, who is now the bruiser bodyguard. I love it because you have these characters now, and TNA is really encouraging that. We are getting back to it all, when the Knockouts were at their peak.”

You can read the full interview here.

What do think of Rosemary’s run with TNA so far? Would you like to see her feud with Allie in the future? Let us know in the comments below!

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