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Rosemary and Taya Valkyrie reignite their feud

Tonight on Impact Wrestling (Mar 1st), Taya Valkyrie made her return to Impact Wrestling. Taya last appeared on Impact back in October, where she was scheduled to face Rosemary at Bound for Glory in a Red Wedding match. Taya was unable to able to make it to Bound for Glory but is ready to pick up where she left off last year in a feud with Rosemary.

Rosemary began the night with a match-up against Hania. Rosemary sidesteps a charging attack from Hania and lands punches to the chest. She drives Hania headfirst to a turnbuckle and then tosses her across the ring.

Rosemary sets Hania up for the Red Wedding but Hania reverses. She sends Rosemary to the ropes and takes her down with a high jump kick and axe kick to the back of the head. Rosemary escapes a reverse DDT attempt but gets struck with another high kick from Hania. Hania goes for a charging attack when Rosemary regroups at a corner but Rosemary blocks it with an elbow shot and applies the Upside Down.

Rosemary follows up by climbing to a corner and hitting a top rope missile dropkick. Rosemary adds an exploder suplex that earns a two count. Rosemary picks up the win after hitting a spear and Red Wedding combination.

Post-match Rosemary celebrates her win by referring herself as the “Alpha bitch” and Hania as a “puppy dog”. As Rosemary was declaring her ambition of recapturing the Knockouts Championship, Taya Valkyrie’s music would hit and she would confront her rival in the ring.

Taya asks if Rosemary missed her and finds everything Rosemary has said hilarious. Rosemary is no Alpha Bitch, she’s “Taya’s Bitch”. Rosemary is ready for a fight but Taya, instead, slowly makes her way out of the ring. As Rosemary made her exit, Taya would attack from behind and take Rosemary out via Road to Valhalla from the entrance ramp.

After being defeated by El Hijo del Fantasma earlier in the evening, Braxton Sutter let out some inner frustrations. He mentioned that Allie wasn’t at his corner this week because she “ruins lives” and that he was tired of being disrespected. He closes out his in-ring promo by claiming to be the biggest star within the company before laid out at the hands of Impact Wrestling newcomer Brian Cage.

Tonight also saw a commitment ceremony between Laurel Van Ness and the Knockouts Championship. KM would serve as the ordained minister to the ceremony, which was interrupted by Sutter. He says that being attacked by Cage earlier in the evening allowed him to see the big mistake he made a year ago.

He regrets leaving Van Ness at the altar for Allie. He knows that Van Ness would rather spend the rest of her life with the Knockouts Title but comes to tell her that he loves her. He proposes to her but Van Ness rejects. The ceremony restarts but an upset Van Ness asks if any Knockout in the back objects. Allie, disguised as a photographer, would sneak in the ring and attack Van Ness, sending her to the podium and sending her to flee to the back.

On next week’s Crossroads episode of Impact, Allie will get a shot at the Knockouts Championship.

What did you think of this week’s episode of Impact? Are you excited to see Taya renew her rivalry with Rosemary? Are you excited for next week’s special Crossroads episode of Impact? Let us know in the comments below!

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