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Roundtable Discussion Post for July 9th Show

We will be recording our second Roundtable on Thursday and we want your input this time! Each week we’ll have a couple of topics of debate that we’ll be discussing and we’d like to read out your opinions too!

We have one WWE topic and one TNA topic that the panelists will discuss on Thursday’s show, so if you’d like to have your say, we will read out some of your thoughts during the show this week.

Please try to keep them short and sweet — just one sentence, so we can read out as many comments as possible.

WWE Topic:Torrie Wilson recently had some less than flattering comments about WWE and said they’d put her off getting involved with wrestling again, after the treatment of the returning Divas at WrestleMania 25. Torrie follows in the footsteps of Victoria, who was also less than pleased with the way things went down. Do they have a valid argument or should they have known what to expect?”

TNA Topic: “The Knockouts division continues to gain new Knockouts but are there too many? One could argue that most of the Knockouts aren’t given enough screentime, unless involved in the title picture. Should TNA cut it’s roster down or find some way to placate the growing Knockouts division?”

We are also going to do a segment where we answer your questions about anything and everything, from wrestling to random stuff! If you have a question for Melanie, Erin, Steven or Tiffany, just leave it in a comment and make sure you state who your question is for! Whether it be an opinion on a certain Diva or if you just want to know what their favourite sandwich filling is!

Remember: Keep your comments brief, one sentence is best.

Please copy and paste and the form below into the comments box, to best help us! Feel free to leave any field blank if you don’t want to answer:

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