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Roundtable Discussion Post for Monday, Sept. 28th

Due to unforeseen circumstances, last week’s Roundtable was cancelled at the last  second. Sorry to waste your time with the discussion post last week! However, we will be honouring some of the news topics from last week.

As you’ll remember, last week we were getting ready to launch a brand new version of the Roundtable — this will now start next week! Beginning Monday, the Roundtable will be revamped! It’s out with the old and in with the new as we begin a new era of the Roundtable! The show will now have more of a ‘variety’ feel with news and topical debate based on current events.

Instead of a weekly WWE topic and TNA topic, the Roundtable will now be centered around discussing the headlines from the week gone by and bringing you even more news and observations from the different promotions. Each week, we’ll discuss the latest news making waves from the past week and putting our spin on it. The new Roundtable will also be more interactive, with reader surveys for each topic, letting you have the verdict!

What will remain: Where possible, we’ll still read out user comments on the discussion points. We will also be keeping the ‘Guess Who?’ game, the TV Talk and the Mailbag.

On Monday’s Roundtable, we discuss:
– Thoughts on Traci Brooks‘ Playboy photoshoot
– Thoughts on Saritaylor as first ever tag champions
– Looking back on Lilian Garcia’s final Raw
Lacey Von Erich joins TNA
– Lauren Mayhew joins WWE as new ring announcer
Tara says she is next Brock Lesnar

If you’d like to add your comments & ask a question for the Mailbag, reply with the following:

Are Saritaylor the rightful first ever tag champions?:
What did you think of Lilian’s send-off?:
Lacey in the Beautiful People, does it work?:
Can Tara make it in MMA?:

Make sure your comment for each topic is no longer than one sentence. Any longer and it will be overlooked.

To take part in the reader survey for each of the topics follow the cut!


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