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Exclusive Shelly Martinez Tell-All (Part 1): Marijuana, WWE Career, Batista


She is one of the most unique personalities in women’s wrestling. As a former WWE Diva, she was the vampiric Ariel and as a former TNA Knockout, she got in touch with her Latin roots as Salinas. But having left wrestling behind and looking forward to more acting projects, she is now simply Shelly Martinez and she’s ready to tell all!

After a whirlwind three years in the world’s top two wrestling companies, Shelly sits down with Diva Dirt‘s Tiffany for an exclusive two part interview discussing her time in WWE, TNA, her future in acting and her controversial stance on cannabis use.

In Part 1… Shelly discusses how marijuana has helped her and aims to educate fans on the positive uses it can have. She also touches upon a recent YouTube exchange with wrestler-turned-Internet personality, Damien Demento. The main focus of part one however, is dedicated to Shelly’s WWE career. Shelly talks about her relationships with Melina, Beth Phoenix, Aarol “The Idol” Stevens, working in OVW, playing Paul Burchill’s pirate wench and the evolution of the Ariel character on ECW. Then, straight from the horse’s mouth — the real story about her release and the clashes with WWE Superstar, Batista.

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Check back tomorrow for part two of the interview when Shelly dishes on the final blow-out with Batista that led to her release, her time in TNA and much more.

For more on Shelly, please visit her official website www.shellymartinez.com.

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