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Roxanne Perez Retains As Ash By Elegance & Tatum Paxley Distract Jordynne Grace

Roxanne Perez is still the NXT Women’s Champion.

After a barn burner of a match between Perez and the TNA Knockouts Champion Jordynne Grace, Perez has made sure the NXT gold stays in NXT. But it wasn’t for lack of trying on Grace’s part. Perez knew that Grace overpowered her so she kept up with her agility and quickness throughout the match.

It all built up to an ending which involved Tatum Paxley and TNA’s Ash By Elegance (Dana Brooke). Paxley has been obsessed with championship gold ever since she was attached at the hip to Lyra Valkyria. It was always the gold that Paxley was after and once Valkyria lost it the need to be in Valkyria’s presence was over.

Paxley came out from the crowd and admired the NXT Women’s Title belt but it was the TNA Knockouts Title belt that she grabbed and took off with. She was stopped on the ramp by Ash who fought the belt away from her. This distraction caused Grace to leave the ring and take out both Paxley and Ash.

Back in the ring, Grace went for the Juggernaut Driver but it was countered into a cutter which allowed Perez to set up and execute Pop Rox for the win. Grace seethed in the corner of the ring as Ash yelled at her from the ramp.

Elsewhere at Battleground, Lola Vice defeated Shayna Baszler in NXT Underground. The referee chose to stop the match as Vice was pummeling Baszler.

Kelani Jordan became the inaugural NXT Women’s North American Champion which you can read about here.

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