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Ruby Riott undergoes her second surgery within three months

Ruby Riott has been out of action since the RAW after WrestleMania. She made an appearance on Main Event and on The Shield’s Final Chapter special but that was about it.

At first, not many people knew why she wasn’t being utilized. Partly the thought was that she, as most women after Mania, was simply just not being used on-screen. In May we would find out that she had to undergo surgery in order to repair a bilateral injury first to her right shoulder.

She made it clear that after that surgery was completed that she would have to endure the repair to her left shoulder. The timeframe was not specific as to when she would receive the procedure for her left shoulder. She announced on her social media that today was that day.

Continuing to show that big smile she captions the photo with, “Round 2…Fight!”.

Diva DIrt continues to wish Ruby Riott a healthy recovery and look forward to seeing her back in the ring as soon as possible!!

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