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Ruby Soho discusses Sarah Rowe surprising her at AEW All Out

Ruby Soho made her AEW debut earlier this month at All Out to rapturous applause from the live audience.

The reaction she received was an amazing moment for Soho whose emotions were visible on her face. But the moment was made better as Soho’s former stablemate Sarah Rowe surprised her before the show.

On the recent episode of Oral Sessions with Renee Paquette, Soho spoke about how special it was to have Rowe there to support her.

“Funny story, I got pulled over on the way to the show. So I was fifteen minutes late. I was so excited, I was so excited that I was speeding like a madwoman. I got pulled over, got a ticket. But I’m like freaking out and I’m trying to calm myself down because I’m fifteen minutes late. And I’m texting Sarah at different points going ‘hey girl, I was going to call you, but I’m just trying to stay focused and be calm right now. I’ll text you when I get to the venue.’ And she texts me back and said ‘I’m here for you.’ I’m my head I’m like ‘she’s here for me. That’s so sweet of her.”

“I get to the venue, I have a hood on and everyone’s trying to sneak me in and whatever. I’ve got a bag and I’m so flustered because I’m late and I’m excited. And I open the door and she’s the first person I see. And she has Cash with her. I just start bawling and I just like hugged her and I grabbed Cash and I just held him. I was like ‘why are you guys here?’ She said ‘I said I’d be here for you.’ She apparently had it planned for a while, and she’s terrible at keeping secrets, so she almost spilled it three or four times. But yeah, it was amazing. She’s always been there for all of our milestones in our career. We’ve been together since we first started, so for her to be there just made it all that more special.”

During the interview, Soho also spoke about her awesome debut and what it meant to her.

“I thought I knew what nervous was. But it was so much of my own anticipation, having known what I was going to be doing and thinking about it over and over for a few months and everything. Then getting there and meeting everybody or seeing everybody again was awesome, and I was just like ‘okay, this is the first step. I can’t make this up. I can’t.’ I played it over and over again in my head. Any time I listen to the song, I play it in my head and hope that ‘oh man, I hope that this is the reaction that I really want.’ I didn’t expect it, I just hoped for it. When I was at the bottom of the stairs and they started chanting ‘Ruby Soho!’ before I had ever came out, I was looking up and I looked down at everybody and I’m about to cry in this moment. Tony (Khan) pops up from the other side of the screen and goes ‘LET’S GO!’

“It was the best. I couldn’t believe, first of all, that they were chanting for me, that that’s who they wanted. Secondly they were chanting a name I hadn’t even called myself yet, and that was amazing.”

Ruby Soho
Ruby Soho in AEW

Soho faces Britt baker for the AEW Women’s World Championship this week on Dynamite: Grand Slam.

h/t to Wrestling Inc for the transcript

What do you make of Ruby Soho’s comments about her AEW debut? Let us know below.

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