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Rumble Rewind: Beth Phoenix vs Melina (2009)

It’s nearly time for the 2010 Royal Rumble and it’s got the Diva Dirt team feeling all resminiscent! Over the next day or so, we’re going to be rewinding the clock and reliving our favourite Rumble moments.

Cryssi: My pick for the ‘Rumble Rewind’ is a match that should still be fresh in most of our minds. I’m going with Melina versus Beth Phoenix from last year’s Royal Rumble. The build-up to this match was pretty good for a Raw storyline. Melina made her triumphant return to the WWE after Survivor Series ’08 and immediately set her sights on the Women’s Championship, a title that she last held in the Summer of 2007. This was a great example of two women working together who are comfortable with each other. The best friends turned bitter enemies storyline isn’t ground breaking, but Beth and Melina both brought out a lot of emotion in their matches. Beth was hellbent on proving that she’s the most dominant diva, and Melina was excellent in her roll as worthy challenger out to prove a point. The entire thing culminated after Melina won a battle royal for the right to face Beth at the Royal Rumble. This isn’t the best match these two have had, but it was great in a sense that it told a story and Melina capped off her amazing comeback by winning the championship for a well deserved third time.

Discuss your memories of this match in the comments.

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