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Rumble Rewind: Sable vs Luna (1999)

It’s nearly time for the 2010 Royal Rumble and it’s got the Diva Dirt team feeling all resminiscent! Over the next day or so, we’re going to be rewinding the clock and reliving our favourite Rumble moments.

Melanie: My most memorable Rumble moment would be the 1999 event. I had just gotten into watching WWE a year prior so this was my first Rumble PPV complete with build-up on Raw etc. I had seen Rumble matches before but I’d never really watched the storylines grow to the event before this one. Anyway, as I started to watch WWE, I was immediately taken by Sable. As I mentioned on D3 yesterday, yes I realise now that she wasn’t the best wrestler but back then when I hadn’t seen ‘good’ women’s wrestling before, it was just cool to see a woman get in the ring and wrestle. I had become a big fan of Sable and she was the first woman I ever really followed in the industry. I particularly loved this match because it was a strap match and allowed a degree of physicality that I never expected from the women, using the strap seemed ‘hardcore’. It’s even more memorable now knowing that Sable wasn’t an experienced wrestler and was willing to work a match like this.

Discuss your memories of this match in the comments.

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