Monday, September 26, 2022

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Rumble Stats


Photo Credit: WW.x

We’ve had three different winners since the inception of the Rumble:


Becky Lynch

Charlotte Flair

In a bit of irony, all these women were wrestling for the Smackdown Women’s Title at TLC 2018. Look at that. Asuka kind of predictably won her Rumble only to have her undefeated streak snapped by Flair, and her she kind of went downhill from there. Becky, the sentimental favourite, won hers and then was saddled with the most ridiculous and convoluted storyline in the history of storylines. Charlotte has won hers to mixed reactions from fans, and we’re all curious as to which champion she will choose. Truthfully, neither current champion would produce a match up that’s fresh for her. Maybe she’ll challenge for the NXT Title?

We now have three Rumbles to compare and contrast. Which was your favourite? Any shocking stats? Who do you want Charlotte to face? Comment below!

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