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Salinas “Trains” With LAX

Between shooting porn fetish flicks and movies called Porn Shoot Massacre, TNA’s Salinas aka Shelly Martinez is being trained to wrestle by her charges, LAX (Homicide and Hernandez). In an interview with The Sun, Salinas reveals the deets:

So tell us a bit more about your new member.

Homicide: F***ing smokin’!

She’s from LA, from the West Coast and like me and Konnan always said – LAX has to be like a real gang.

I represent New York City and Puerto Rico, Hernandez represents Texas and Mexico. Salinas represents Los Angeles and Mexico.

Whoever comes in, if we got a Dominican guy or some Cuban, they are a part of that chapter.

We’ve noticed a lot of Caucasians are down with that, we’ve got no problem with that. If you support LAX then we’ve got mad love for you.

We’d like to open a UK chapter when we come over. LAX is about international, it’s not just all about Latinos. If you’ve got love for LAX, then you’re down with us.

Salinas – what’s it like being on the road with these two?

Salinas: I have so much fun with them, joke around and play little jokes on each other, it’s all good.

And they’re teaching me to wrestle too. We get in there and roll around.

We all grew up on the street and that makes it work. A lot of people don’t know that about me because they’re so stuck on my old character I used to play.

My real family, this is how they are.

“Get in there and roll around?” Hmm… given her other past times, interesting choice of words.

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