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Sammii Jayne lends her voice to #MeToo

Women in the wrestling business are starting to speak out more about their experiences with sexual abuse and assault from male trainers, promoters, and other wrestlers.

Independent wrestler and former Pro-wrestling EVE Champion Sammii Jayne is the latest to come forward with a story of her own.

She wrote: “When you are a trainer act as such, female trainees are their to learn just like the men, they are not there for you to hit on. Why do certain men feel this is acceptable behavior, sure they wouldn’t dare act the same in their day to day lives so why is training school different, oh I know why because it would be treated as sexual harrassment which they don’t seem to think applies in wrestling. When I first started training, I was sexually harassed and made to feel so uncomfortable that I quit training for a while, why should we give up on a passion because certain individuals don’t behave professionally.

Unfortunately this story is told all over the country, all over the world by girls, yes GIRLS who just want to learn how to wrestle.”

On Monday, June 11, Shazza McKenzie shared her story about being sexually harassed by Mario Milano.

Several other women on the independent scene have also shared their stories including Pollyanna, Shelly Martinez, and former WWE star Sable when she left the company in the 90s. Read about those accounts here.

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