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‘Santina’ Is Here To Stay, I’m Afraid

For those of you hoping that last night’s debut of Santino Marrella’s slightly disturbing cross-dressing act was a one-off, think again. In fact, as much as I hate to admit, I think ‘Santina’ is here to stay and will factor into Raw’s women’s division for the foreseeable future. So folks, be prepared: Expect ‘Santina’ to become part of the Raw women’s division, expect ‘her’ to get her own profile and be added to the Divas homepage and I wouldn’t even put it past WWE to put ‘her’ into the Women’s Championship picture. Oh Santino, your daughter must be so proud.

Starting tonight, I wouldn’t be surprised to see ‘Santina’ introduced as the newest Raw Diva. Furthermore, I’m going to go out on a limb and guess that we may see Santina vs Melina in a non-title match on Raw this evening. I’m not opposed to seeing a fun, camp, kitsch storyline between ‘Santina’ and Beth Phoenix, which is where I eventually see this going, it pains me to think that ‘Santina’ will be given higher priority over the actual women’s division. And if the past couple of weeks is anything to go by, that’s exactly what will happen.

I guess Santino and Beth’s relationship will begin to implode over the next few weeks, as Beth tries to get to the bottom of the ‘Santina’ mystery and finally realizes that ‘Santina’ = Santino. But the question is, when will WWE give us the big payoff? This could be either relatively short, i.e. a matter of weeks leading to Beth vs Santino at Backlash or it could play for a number of months with ‘Santina’ even becoming Women’s Champion. I wouldn’t put it past them.

The moral of the story: The next few weeks will be somewhat painful viewing. It’s time to start investing your time into SmackDown.

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