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Sarah Stock To TNA?

A few weeks back we reported that Sarah Stock had signed a TNA contract. Turns out that may not be the case. Mexican wrestling websites are reporting that the American Luchadora Princess is not coming to TNA. While they admit there have been discussions nothing has been set in stone. They are insistent that Sarah’s loyalties lie with the Mexican promotion, CMLL.

However, Dave Prazak, Founder of SHIMMER has a different story to tell. According to Prazak, the SHIMMER alumni told him herself that she was TNA bound. Let’s go to the quote:

“Actually, the only reason I didn’t report it first is because Sarah didn’t give me the green light to do so. PWInsider broke the information on the net first, but that doesn’t make the news any less accurate.”

Personally, I would go with Prazak on this one. Since he knows Sarah personally, his word is probably safer to take than that of a news site. However, I don’t see Sarah joining the ranks of TNA just yet. Maybe TNA should trim the fat on the roster a little before they start signing new Knockouts.

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