Monday, March 4, 2024

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Saraya Knight Reveals Jaw Injury


Yesterday Saraya Knight was featured in our Picture of the Day in a photo that showed her when she was pregnant with NXT Women’s Champion Paige.

It looks as though the former SHIMMER Champion likes to carry on with things without knowing the whole story, as it’s happened again! Except, she’s not preggers this time.

Saraya announced on Facebook that what she thought was an abscess on her jaw was in fact a dislocation! She said:

“So the abscess turned out to be a dislocated jaw, my doctors are bloody fantastic, they saw me instantly, moving appointments for me, relocation, pure codeine and amoxycillin and I am now feeling better, still swollen but not in as much pain.”

She also announced that regardless of the injury, she’ll be wrestling again tomorrow. What a trooper!

Is Saraya one of the toughest women in wrestling?

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