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Sarita Turning Heel in TNA?

Could former Knockouts Tag Team Champion, Sarita be turning heel? Diva Dirt reader Michael writes:

Hey Diva Dirt, was just watching TNA Xplosion here in Australia and noticed some interesting Knockout action, it featured a backstage segment between Sarita and Taylor Wilde, basically Sarita was upset that Taylor was receiving a singles match against Daffney on Xplosion. Daffney vs Taylor Wilde was up next, Daffney won the match very quickly striking Taylor with a chain, however Sarita came out to inform the referee of Daffneys use of an illegal object, the match restarted with Sarita at ring side then ended when Sarita grabbed Daffneys leg, distacting her and allowing Taylor to get the pin, fairly ordinary match but very uncharacteristic of Sarita, it looks like they might be teasing a possible Sarita heel turn/Sarita & Taylor Wilde feud?

This match was taped during last week’s Impact tapings for Xplosion, which airs internationally but should hopefully be available as a webmatch soon also.

It’d be interesting to see Sarita turn heel and maybe even feud with Taylor Wilde but putting this angle on Xplosion/online rather than Impact just doesn’t give me the impression that this will be something TNA puts a lot of effort into. And if they don’t care to put in effort, why should we care about the product? This feud would have been great back in January when Sarita & Taylor had momentum behind them but right now they are just supporting characters who appear randomly anyway.

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