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Sasha Banks gets the last laugh on Shotzi declaring that she is the captain of Team SmackDown

Sasha Banks was on a mission heading into Survivor Series to show to everyone, especially Shotzi, that she is the captain for Team SmackDown. The two faced off on this week’s SmackDown in their first meeting in a singles match.

Shotzi attacked Banks a few weeks ago which started a new and different Shotzi transitioning into a heel role. Prior to their match, Sonya Deville demanded that the competitors shake hands when the match was over in a way to show their solidarity as members of Team SmackDown for this weekend’s event.

Through the match, Shotzi would show her new heel antics which included trying to break the arm of Banks in the steel steps. Banks had to rely a lot on her arsenal to help her through the rest of the match due to the attack on her left arm. She would eventually get Shotzi in a crossface but was unable to use her arm so she used her leg instead. Shotzi would tap out, giving Banks the win.

After the match, Deville came out on stage to make sure the handshake would take place. It did, with Shotzi being the reluctant one. After doing what Deville requested, Banks would deliver a backstabber to get the last laugh over her new rival to prove that she is the true captain of the SmackDown Team. Banks let Deville know on the stage she did as she asked which was to shake hands.

This would not be the only time Deville asserted her authority during the night. In continuation with her tormenting Naomi over the past number of months, she has now included Aliyah as well. After pulling Aliyah from Team SmackDown for Survivor Series, she placed Aliyah and Naomi in a tag team match this week facing Shayna Baszler and Natalya.

With Aja Smith as the referee, the mere blink of an eye match ended with a fast count with Natalya pinning Naomi. Smith is based as an NXT referee but she has been making appearances on RAW. Now it seems that Deville has insisted on the help of her during this match.

When Smith approached Deville later in the night and asked her if she did good, Deville acted as though she didn’t know who she was. She asked if she was one of those NXT refs trying to make a name for themselves on the main roster. When Smith tried to explain, Deville cut her off and said she doesn’t associate with crooked refs.

It appears that Toni Storm will be getting her chance at the SmackDown Women’s Championship after Survivor Series. As now the replacement to Aliyah on Team SmackDown, Storm approached Charlotte Flair for a title shot last week.

Flair said no then, but now it appears she has had a change of heart. Well sort of. She says she will give her a match, but not for the title. Flair faces RAW Women’s Champion Becky Lynch this Sunday in the traditional Champion vs. Champion match at Survivor Series.

Lastly, a new vignette was shown for Xia Li. Still saying ‘coming soon’ for yet another week, but this time a story was shown for her character. Appearing to be a babyface gimmick, Li’s background is explained and how she has become “the Protector.”

Check back in with Diva Dirt this Sunday for a discussion during Survivor Series.

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