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Sasha Banks needs to clash with Bayley upon her return

Every dedicated WWE fan knows that Sasha Banks has been out of action since WrestleMania which took place in April. Rumors are running rampant that she will be returning very shortly. The earliest could be at Extreme Rules this Sunday and the latest could be SummerSlam in August. WWE hasn’t been doing any favors in regards to the women since WrestleMania so maybe the biggest event of the summer will fix that.

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There are two big options on what to do when she returns. The first is that she could return to RAW, which is the brand she was on prior to leaving, to strum up a feud with Becky Lynch. The second is she could move to SmackDown and battle with her best friend Bayley.

It is just about a given that upon her return she will be utilized as a title contender. If Lynch and/or Bayley are still champions after the Extreme Rules pay-per-view then that opens up a new challenger for either. This challenger would be promptly placed in contention for a title match at SummerSlam.

There is no doubt that Lynch could benefit from Banks. Many fans haven’t been crazy about Lacey Evans‘ recent push and storyline with Lynch. It is safe to say that the feud between the two will be over going into SummerSlam.

Banks would be a breath of fresh air as Lynch’s opponent, however, going against Bayley makes the most sense. In order for either one of these scenarios to pan out, Banks needs to return as a heel. Turning on her friend is the most common and easiest way to garner immediate heel heat.

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Let’s go back some. Taking a look at what Lita and Trish Stratus used to produce is a testament of how two people who know each other so well can make memorable moments. They were great while teaming up but perhaps even better as bitter enemies.

Lynch vs. Charlotte Flair became one of the most personal feuds in recent memory between two women who were thick as thieves.  It worked because these two are close friends and work well together as a result of it in the ring.  The rivalry between these two started at SummerSlam last year. With that event quickly approaching this year why not have Bayley and Banks heat things up.

It is true that Lynch and Banks also have a history, this is not being disputed, however, this moment doesn’t seem to be the right time for the two of them. The history from NXT between Banks and Bayley is much stronger. They arguably produced some of the best matches in NXT history that haven’t fully been captured on the main roster.

Credit: WWE

Between them being the only women to main event an NXT TakeOver event in a 30-minute Iron Man match to their battle in Brooklyn that stole the show, these two women need that formula again.

Banks is in need of this upon her return.

The stagnant women’s division needs this upon her return.

The fans need this upon her return.

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