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Sasha Banks wins Fatal 4-Way One Week Ahead of WrestleMania

At WrestleMania 38, which is one week from Saturday, Sasha Banks will be teaming with Naomi as they attempt to become the WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions. It will be a Fatal 4-Way at the Show of Shows with the champions Queen Zelina & Carmella defending against not only Banks & Naomi but Rhea Ripley & Liv Morgan and Natalya & Shayna Baszler.

On SmackDown, a singles version of a Fatal 4-way took place in which Banks picked up a win against Zelina, Baszler, and Ripley. All of their teammates were at ringside. The first part of the match had Banks and Ripley as the only two going at it in the ring. Baszler and Zelina played it safe by being on the outside and picking their moments to attack.

After Baszler was unable to gain any momentum, the opportunistic Zelina slammed Banks face-first into the announce table. This caused a breakdown in the match with first Naomi helping Banks. All four teammates who weren’t in the match became involved and a brawl breaks out in the middle of the ring.

Once the brawl had ended, all four women involved in the match accelerate the action. Highlighted moments include Zelina who is locked in the Bank Statement and is unable to tap out due to Baszler wrenching her hand back. Zelina motions to tap with her other hand but Banks is able to hold her arm back with her leg. Banks releases the hold just slightly to add Baszler into the submission making it a double Bank Statement. The hold was broken up by Ripley with a dropkick.

Ripley goes after Baszler for a Riptide but Baszler counters into the Kirifuda Clutch. Banks breaks up that hold with a backstabber. Zelina hits Code Red on Banks but only gets a near fall as Banks kicks out at the same time Baszler goes to break it up.

The match comes down to Zelina taking out Ripley on the outside before entering the ring and finding herself in a Bank Statement. She taps out giving the win to Sasha and the momentum that Boss ‘n Glow needs heading into WrestleMania. Naomi celebrates in the ring with Banks to end the segment.

The four teams will meet again on Monday for what is now being dubbed as WrestleMania Raw in an Eight-woman tag team match. Banks, Naomi, Morgan, and Ripley will be taking on Zelina, Carmella, Natalya, and Baszler.

You can check out an exclusive between Natalya & Baszler below.

Ronda Rousey cut a promo ahead of her match with Charlotte Flair at WrestleMania for the SmackDown Women’s Champion. Rousey had been outsmarted by Flair the past two weeks and suffered an attack to end the show two weeks in a row. This week, Flair wasn’t present but appeared on screen and the two had a war of words.

Check back in with Diva Dirt for all of your news and results as we head forward to WrestleMania 38!

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