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Saturday Supplement: Dating While Diva


In the Saturday Supplement, the Diva Dirt team will aim to discuss a news story, a televised event or other relevant and current topics. The objective, like the average weekend newspaper, is to offer more indepth and lengthy discussion.

ss9-kellyTalks of Divas in the media has been ample and well… I’m striking while the iron is hot.  A woman’s personal life is her personal life, whether or not she may be in show business.  And don’t you try to tell her any differently.  However, when it comes to the disesteemed offense of “Dating while Diva,” is there a double standard?

We’ve seen this trend more recently this past week.  In break of some rather personal news, Superstars like Batista will be called “man-whores” by boasting their alleged sexual prowess to the masses… while Divas such as one Kelly Kelly will receive just as much, if not more criticism for being spotted in a harmless social engagement.  The very same can be said for Divas like Michelle McCool who have been accused for dating for power.  It seems as though the Divas can’t catch a break when it comes to relationships outside of the ring.

Recently, it was reported that Batista has courted none other than Raw’s Rosa Mendes.  The reaction to the story was universal.  “What a pig/sicko/pervert…how disrespectful…women are not to be objectified.”  So on and so forth.  It became apparent that the Animal plows through Divas like cornfields, and Diva fans were none too pleased with the discovery.  Somewhat of an outpour of outrage and disgust commenced as news broke on the Internet.  Some even suspect that Rosa’s success on Raw can be somewhat attributed to any passed relationships she might have attained. Whether or not there may be any truth to that, there is little question that men like Batista have major pull backstage.  So, what’s the appeal?

Backpeddling even further, in sight of this trend, one could easily pick out many similar instances.  There is no doubt that “Miss Misdemeanor” Michelle McCool endures plenty of objection from the WWE fans based purely on hearsay or tales of her trysts on the Internet.  There has been question of her position in the company due to these “rumors,” as well as her seemingly high spot within the Diva hierarchy.

Spiraling news of the altercation between Rhaka Khan and Kurt Angle has also been reciprocated with almost identical reception.  It goes to show that some will even go as far as to pose blame on the victim.  With fans often howling insults at Divas (without a second thought) just for how they choose to express their personal lives, it seems as if regardless of whatever a female wrestler may accomplishment in the ring, the fourth-wall stigma of a personal relationship can and will always follow her.

An aftermost victim of this onslaught would be repeat offender, Kelly Kelly.  The Diva is no stranger to online speculation of her romantic… situations.  Just yesterday, she was spotted rather innocently with Hollywood actor, Jeremy Piven on the streets of New York City and at an NFL game the night before.  Pretty innocent, one would think?  However, the story was hit with an invasion of derogatory and belittling terminology toward the Diva under headlines. Insults that were so easily slapped onto a man bragging to the world about his liaisons had now found themselves attached to a woman dating someone with whom she simply enjoys sharing her company. The disrepency is almost repugnant.

sshunterstephSo, what happens when the tables are turned?  What happens when the woman holds the power, and the man falls under the “opportunistic” role?  Well, we have seldom seen this in the Divas division, however history will dictate that it does indeed happen.  The “Billion Dollar Princess,” Stephanie McMahon-Levesque is notorious for many things, her marriage to Triple H being one of them.  In this instance, the flack is received most by the partner rather than the Diva.  Though, even with the bit of role reversal ensues the accord between “affair” and “affirmation.”  Still, the relationship will be placed under question.

Which begs the question: is there a double standard at play here, or can it all be attributed to a zest for social standing or power?

No two circumstances are exactly alike, and ideally it can go either way.  Unfortunately, we see situations like these more skewed to the Divas’ disfavour.  It happens, but not often do we see the shoe on the other foot.

People will always speculate; being “dogged on” comes with the territory of being in the spotlight.  It’s all about how a Diva carries herself and chooses to respond to such belligerence.  An example of someone who counters ignorance with poise and class, look no further than the current Women’s Champion Michelle McCool who never cowers from a disparaging remark thrown her way.  Often putting her own humorous spin on her situation, she is inclined to respond with a sassy rebuttal of her own.

So, whether it be by getting caught in a web of rumors or by being romantically linked to a Superstar or even by being photographed with some man candy on her arm, a Diva will face many hardships in the public eye.  That withstanding, self-assurance goes a long way.  Relationships are challenging enough, but the added pressure can be overcome.  Moral of the story?  Let s(he) who is without sin love cast the first stone.

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