Tuesday, February 20, 2024

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Search For the Next Doll Lilian?


WWE executive producer, Kevin Dunn has reportedly proposed an idea of doing an American Idol-like search to replace Raw ring announcer, Lilian Garcia who has announced her departure for later this year.

I’m not completely opposed to the idea, I mean it adds some importance to Lilian’s position which is oft overlooked and it would make a big ado over her leaving. However, I hope it doesn’t infringe too much upon the actual shows — but then again, I think I’d rather watch this than some of the skits that we see on Raw.

I think Lilian should have a say as should the fans. Maybe have Lilian judge the contestants and have the fans vote for the winner. It’s already a step up over the Diva Search, because the girls have to be talented singers — and surely it’s better to have a non-wrestling talent than no talent at all?

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