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Serena Comments on Living the Straight Edge Gimmick Outside of the Ring in WWE

Former WWE Diva, Serena was the special guest on Right After Wrestling last night with Arda Ocal. The ex-Straight Edge Diva commented on living the Straight Edge Society gimmick outside of the ring during her time in WWE.

One of the reasons that Serena was supposedly released is because she didn’t play up the gimmick in public when amongst fans.

Quotes below:

“They were big on that (living a straight edge lifestyle outside the ring) and understandably so. It was a really hot angle and an important stable in the company so they definitely wanted that image to be maintained outside of the ring as well. It was more or less implied, never really said. It was just one of those implications.”

“WWE as a company is such a global phenomenon and there is so much media attention surrounding the company. We all know the media is always looking for ways to bash pro wrestling. I think it’s one of those things that they want the employees to maintain a professional image in the public because it’s such a huge company, it’s the messiah of pro wrestling.”

To listen to the interview click here.

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