Sunday, December 3, 2023

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Session Moth Martina to make Ring of Honor debut

Ring of Honor announced today that Session Moth Martina will make her Women of Honor debut at their upcoming show, Free Enterprise.

The long-overdue and much-anticipated debut was announced via Ring of Honor’s website as they advertised the Feb, 9th show in Baltimore, Maryland.

Martina signed with Ring of Honor way back in September last year not long after receiving a tryout and contract offer from NXT UK. Martina would ultimately choose ROH as the deal allows her to continue to work for other promotions. As a regular on the UK/Europe independent scene and with STARDOM in Japan, it seems the perfect move for outrageous and highly entertaining Irish wrestler.

With Nicole Savoy and Maria Manic recently making their Women of Honor debuts, it seems that exciting things lay in the division’s future, especially as the WOH Championship is soon to be vacated with Kelly Klein‘s upcoming unceremonious departure.

What do you make of Session Moth Martina’s debut and could you see her as WOH Champion? Let us know below.

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