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Sexy Star comments on Triplemania XXV incident involving Rosemary

As it was previously reported, GFW Knockout Rosemary was injured during AAA’s TripleMania XXV event during a Reina de Reinas Title match which also featured Sexy Star, Ayako Hamada and Lady Shani.

Towards the end sequence of the Fatal Four Way match, Sexy Star, who retained her title, legitimately injured Rosemary’s arm, popping it out of place during her armbar submission.

Rosemary has since provided an update on her injury, noting that it is less severe than expected while accusing Sexy Star of being a “liar” for telling people that the ordeal was part of a work.

Sexy Star has now commented on the issue during an appearance on Bailadísimo, Multimedia, a program she competes on.

Transcript and translation of Sexy Star’s comments (courtesy of Super Luchas) below:

“The truth is these past days have been very difficult for me. On Saturday I had a championship match; it was very hard. I think everything got out of hand. I don’t know, it is a situation that has me a bit confused now. I want to remain silent and when the time is right, I will touch on the subject.

I’ve heard what men and women have said. They want me to be done, to retire from this sport. I am here, as I’ve said from the beginning, I will not stop. I am representing all of those women who have been mistreated, physically and emotionally, and I believe that I have to be stronger than ever. If I was able to leave in a moment from a deep depression, I will be able to overcome this as well. The truth is, this subject is very complicated; I can’t even think.”

When viewing and asked what happened during the final sequence of the match:

“I was in a championship match and I did what I had to do, what people deserve, to go all in clawing until the end. That’s what happened, that I made her tap. It looks like the girl got injured; I don’t know. That’s the only thing I can say.”

When asked if she believes the backlash she’s received could be cyber bullying:

“I am a victim of that and the truth is that is something delicate. People don’t realize how much damage can come from it or the thoughts that can come from it. You feel trapped, impotent, alone. I have a beautiful family. I have my daughter and my parents, thank God. They are with me tonight and they know what I’ve gone through and have not left me for anything. With all of my heart, I am thankful for them.”

Watch a brief clip of Sexy Star addressing this issue below:

What are your thoughts on Sexy Star’s comments?

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