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Lucha Underground Analysis (August 30th, 2017): Outside interference

Welcome to this week’s Lucha Underground review! Let’s jump into the action. Our first Luchadora sighting of the night is Mariposa as she accompanies her creepy brother to his match.

Her brother Marty “The Moth” Martinez takes on Argenis.

With Mariposa at ringside, the Martinez siblings prove too much for Argenis. A shove into the ring post from Mariposa busted Argenis wide open. He was not able to recover and lost the bout.

After the match Marty rips the mask off Aregenis’ face as Melissa Santos looks on in disgust.

The Moth requests a microphone. He asks Melissa if she liked him taking off Argenis’ mask before throwing it at her. He says that’s not the mask he wants. It’s Fenix’s and he’s going to get it at Ultima Lucha Tres.

Fenix comes in from behind and deals two super kicks to each sibling! Fenix grabbed the microphone and accepts the match. He says it’ll be a Mask vs. Hair stipulation!

Later on our only Luchadora in action is Sexy Star as she goes up against Joey Ryan for some retribution for disturbing her Mask vs Mask Match last week.

Sexy Star begins the match off with hard chops to Joey’s chest. She continues to pummel him with strikes. They create some distance between each other before she’s able to plant him with a nice tornado DDT.

She then goes for a cover but it’s not enough. Soon she flies up with a tilt-a-whirl head scissor that grounds Joey. She evades an attempt at his comeback and hits him with a rolling pin. Joey kicks out and she continues assaulting him in the corner with hard slaps.

They go back and forth and Joey is able to ground Sexy. He picks her up and flattens her with a backbreaker. All of a sudden Taya comes down the stairs and joins the audience holding a Sexy Star sign. Joey is able to get Sexy into a submission while Taya mocks Sexy’s fans.

Joey then plants Sexy with a body slam. Johnny reaches for his lollipop in his shorts and tastes it as Sexy looks on in as she composes herself. Sexy makes a comeback and tosses Joey by his chest hair on the ground. She does it several more times before she hits a drop toe hold on Joey.

She performs a Three Amigos while Taya continues mocking her from outside the ring. She goes to the top rope but gets distracted by Taya. They start fighting outside the ring.

Sexy gets back into the ring and walks into a super kick by Joey. She goes down for the count and Joey wins.

After the match he tries to make her lick his lollipop but Cortez Castro makes the save.

Thoughts: I just want to put this out there, I am deeply disturbed and disappointed in what Sexy Star has been doing the past few months. I do NOT condone her actions. When you’re in the ring, you put your body into someone’s hands and trust them to work with you and protect you.

These episodes were taped 14 months ago and I’ve just got such a bad taste in my mouth from this Rosemary situation and from what happened with Taya this summer in AAA, I am no longer a fan of Sexy’s. I’ve been quite supportive of her in the past because despite her in-ring shortcomings her character and in-ring storytelling was fantastic. However, I really hope from here on out she’s not as much of a focus in the Temple anymore.

Onto her segment, I thought it was oddly ironic and fitting for Taya, who carries real life heat against Sexy, to come down to the ring and distract Sexy enough we get some catharsis in an unexpected win from Joey Ryan. It looks like it’s shaping up to be Sexy vs Taya for Ultima Lucha and I’m rooting for Taya all the way. She’s really grown on me and I’m happy she’ll be working with GFW in the near future.

Sexy did well in her match here with Joey and I don’t want to comment further on her personal interactions with other people.

Onto Mariposa, I want to see more from and for her. We still haven’t seen much of her in the ring and I know she’s got moves up her sleeve. I would like to see her face off against other competitors instead of always backing up her brother. It intrigued me when they teased family turmoil earlier this season but then, that was just dropped for this focus on the Melissa Santos infatuation. I’m perplexed because Mariposa is a talent with deep knowledge of her craft. I’d like to see that more please.

What did you think of this week’s episode? Sound off in the comments below.

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