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NXT Redux (August 30th, 2017): The Iconic Duo bounce back

Hola NXT fans and welcome to this week’s NXT Redux. After defeating Billie Kay two weeks ago, Ruby Riot is looking to score another win under her belt against the Iconic Duo, this time against Peyton Royce.

Before our scheduled women’s match, it is announced that on next week’s episode of NXT, Asuka will make an appearance to give an update on her injury. Well, we all know what this is leading to since WWE spoiled it themselves…

Moving on to Ruby Riot vs. Peyton Royce:

The women tie-up to start things off with Ruby taking Peyton to a corner. She follows up with a headlock takedown but Peyton reverses with a head scissors. Ruby fights out of it, avoids a backslide pin and delivers an arm drag and dropkick combo that earns a two count over Peyton.

Ruby stays in control with an armbar submission that keeps Peyton grounded. When Peyton manages to get to her feet, she maneuvers Ruby to the ring ropes to create some separation and hits a mean knee shot to Ruby’s face. A dual chant for both Ruby and Peyton breaks out as Peyton adds insult to injury by calling Ruby a “freak” and tossing her to the outside. We head for a break.

When we return, Peyton holds onto to her momentum with a rear chin lock over Ruby. After the brief submission, the two trade forearms but Ruby wins the bout with a clothesline and a dropkick. Ruby then sends Peyton to a corner and drives her face to the turnbuckle before landing a kick for the two count.

Ruby climbs the turnbuckle but a distraction from Billie at ringside causes Ruby to lose her focus, allowing Peyton to deliver a high spin kick! Peyton follows up with a strong Fireman’s Carry Driver but Ruby kicks out!

Peyton goes for a second spinning kick but Ruby catches it and reverses to a powerbomb for a near fall. Billie pulls Peyton to the outside ring for some prep talk but Ruby takes the opportunity to run the ropes and take down the Iconic Duo with a suicide dive.

A fired up Ruby throws Peyton back in the ring but Peyton quickly looks for an escape. She latches on to the ring skirt, which distracts the referee, allowing Billie to interfere by pulling Ruby to the outside and laying her out a BIG BOOT!

Peyton pulls Ruby from the outside, sets up for the Fisherman’s Suplex that earns the three count and win!

Post match, the Iconic Duo celebrate their victory, making no apologizes to using the numbers game to their advantage as they set their sight on the NXT Women’s Championship next. Good luck with that ladies!

Thoughts: This was a real fun match and one that I enjoyed a bit more than Ruby Riot vs. Billie Kay from two weeks ago. Of course with the Iconic Duo being a heel packaged deal, most of their victories are never going to be clean but this just adds the story of their opponents needing to find a way to even up the playing field to combat them.

With the NXT Women’s Title picture seemingly on hiatus, we’ll be seeing more of these back and forth contests between the women of NXT in the coming weeks.

We all know what awaits for Asuka next week as it was already mentioned by the WWE during last week’s set of taping. I’m conflicted on the decision.

On one side Asuka’s reign has been incredible, historic and unlike anything we’ve seen in this modern time. Her undefeated streak is still alive and will now, appropriately, feel like a bigger deal when Asuka eventually makes it to the main roster.This also finally lets us refresh the NXT Women’s Title scene; something we haven’t seen in some time!

On the other side, there is the uncertainty of who, when and how the next NXT Women’s Champion will be crowned. There are those rumors in connections with the Mae Young Classic finale but we’ll see if they turn out to be true. Maybe a secondary tournament will be set up similar to when Paige vacated the title years ago. I just hope to see the Championship continue carrying prestige post Asuka Era.

Perhaps we’ll get more answers in the coming weeks.

What did you think of this week’s episode of NXT? What do you think awaits for the NXT Women’s Title scene? Let us know in the comments below!

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