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Shad Gaspard Puts Over Divas, Says Eve Torres is ‘Hottest’

Cryme Tyme star Shad Gaspard had an abundance of compliments for our Divas, specifically Eve Torres and Lilian Garcia in a new interview with SLAM! Sports. He says:

“The hottest Diva right now in my opinion is Eve Torres. I also think Beth Phoenix is a gorgeous women, an Amazon — she is the perfect combination of sleek smooth muscles and intelligence. She’s not a prissy girl. She is all woman.”

Shad says he has a lot of love for one Diva in particular — former Raw ring announcer Lilian Garcia who recently left the company to start the next chapter of her life.

“Lilian has always been a good friend to me ever since I first came to WWE,” said Shad. “She always gave me great advice and would notice things I didn’t notice myself.”

“The first time she watched me walking out she came up to me afterward and said I looked like a little kid, so she told me to stand tall, puff my chest out, and I thought that was really nice of her.”

“She didn’t have to say anything to me at all. Lilian is a great person, a classy lady and I wish her the best of luck in her future.”

Nice to see one of the guys speak so highly of the Divas. Eve is definitely gorgeous, her eyes in particular are a huge selling point. Though perhaps I’m biased, but I think Layla is the perfect combination of sex appeal and beauty. She’s smokin’ hot!

Do you agree with Shad? Is Eve the hottest Diva in WWE right now?

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