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Shaul Guerrero to step away from wrestling

Shaul Guerrero announced that she is withdrawing from all scheduled wrestling performances and appearances after a scary “mental illness crisis”. Guerrero apologized to all of her fans and thanked them for their help and support.

Guerrero was signed to a WWE developmental contract in 2010 in FCW. In FCW she became the Queen of FCW and the longest-reigning FCW Divas Champion holding the title for 119 days. Guerrero debuted for NXT in 2012 and remained there until 2014. She left due to an eating disorder, which she explained to Wrestling Inc she has had since was 10-years-old.

Here’s what Guerrero said in the interview;

“I’ve always had an eating disorder ever since I was younger, and maybe I wasn’t very aware of how being involved in a company, it’s the top tier. It’s the biggest company in the world. There’s a lot of pressure in general for anyone that walks through the door, let alone a woman, let alone a Guerrero, and the first Guerrero woman that is going to be used for in-ring abilities full-time. So it was really intimidating. I clearly wasn’t handling the pressure very well, and I was lashing out using an eating disorder to kind of cope with those feelings.

“Joey Mercury, one of my coaches at the time and Rob McIntyre, the really wonderful wonderful weight training coach that we had at the time, noticed I was doing very poorly mentally and physically, and they had me go into rehab. And WWE completely covered my rehab. I was in there for 3 months in-patient treatment, and I left initially because I still didn’t have a grasp of how I can maintain good health, especially a new found health. I’ve had this eating disorder since I was 10. It’s going to take longer than three months for me to rework how I think about myself, let alone what people expect from me as an entertainer.”

“So I left for a year to try and get better, felt a lot stronger, came back to WWE and I needed a little break when I was there. We bump Monday through Friday and then we have shows Friday and Saturday, and you get one day off. That’s a lot on the body, and I’m not going to lie. I couldn’t keep bumping the way I was bumping, and I asked for a little time to heal.

They said I was going to be okay. ‘Don’t worry, you’re such a strong mic personality.’ I was also learning how to do commentary. I was doing all the things on the mic, but for some reason, that next week, they let me go, so I don’t know. I don’t know what their reasonings were, but I’m really happy that I’m where I am now, and it’s made me a lot stronger as a person and made me grow a lot.”

Shaul Guerrero returned to wrestling 2018 as a ring announcer.

In 2018 Shaul Guerrero appeared at Reality of Wrestling’s Ladies Night Out event. A few months later she signed to Women of Wrestling as their ring announcer and appeared on the final season of Lucha Underground. Most recently Shaul Guerrero was the ring announcer on AEW’s Women’s Tag Team Cup Tournament.

Guerrero returned to the ring last year for GCW at the Diamond Cup to crown their first-ever GCW Women’s Champion. Guerrero reached the second round after defeating Renee Michelle in the first but lost to Queen Aminata.

Shaul Guerrero was due to have her first match of 2021 on February 20th against IMPACT Wrestling’s Knockouts Champion, Deonna Purrazzo.

Diva Dirt sends Shaul Guerrero our best wishes and hope she gets the help and support to get better.

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