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Should Bianca Belair face Sasha Banks or Asuka at WrestleMania?

At this time we still don’t know who Bianca Belair will be facing at WrestleMania thanks to her historic win in the Royal Rumble match. As we saw on SmackDown, Belair has yet to make her challenge. As she was leading towards the announcement, Carmella‘s sommelier Reginald made his way to the ring.

Reginald made the statement that if Belair were to challenge Banks, she will lose. Carmella then made her way to the ring adding to the discussion. Carmella has been unsuccessful in defeating Banks on more than one occasion now for the SmackDown Women’s Champion. The guests in the ring didn’t stop there as finally, Banks made her way out to the ring.

Banks commended Belair for her impressive win in the Rumble match. She also said that she sees that she is the strongEST and fastEST from what she has done so far on SmackDown. The one thing Banks refuses to believe though is that Belair is the bEST.

Before Belair could respond, Reginald got involved once again and let Belair know that if she picks Banks she won’t win. Belair would then whip Reginald with her hair as Banks and Carmella looked on to end the segment.

Belair picking Banks would certainly be history-making. Aside from the fact that these two women would put on an incredible match, it would be two African American women going one-on-one for a title at a WrestleMania. That’s history.

With Carmella being present for this segment however it makes one think will she be added to this potential match or no? Carmella may just be the temporary storyline for Belair until her decision is announced. Speaking of that decision, there is also Asuka to consider.

Belair mentions Asuka at the beginning of her segment on SmackDown. She gives Asuka all the credit she deserves and refers to her as the “Empress of All day, Everyday” based on her prior undefeated streak and all of her championships. Although many fans want Banks vs. Belair we can’t deny that Belair facing Asuka would be any less than amazing.

Credit: WWE

Despite recent losses for Asuka, she is one that constantly dominates and provides entertaining matches. Over the course of last summer, Asuka and Sasha Banks had their own battles in which the RAW Women’s Title exchanged between the two.

Belair facing either one of these women is going to be a great treat for the fans to witness. Belair facing either Banks or Asuka would be a fresh match as neither has had a one-on-one match televised before. Whoever she ends up facing, her walking away as a champion in WWE for the first time in her career seems very likely.

Who do you think Belair should face at WrestleMania? Leave your thoughts below.

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