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Shawn Spears says that The IIconics are “going to make headlines”

Even while split up on screen, The IIconics have continued to do everything together. They started wrestling together, started with WWE together, and sadly were released together in April. So what’s next for Cassie Lee (Peyton Royce) and Jessica McKay (Billie Kay)?

The IIconics as former WWE Women Tag Team Champions – credit: WWE

As fans, we have until July to wait until the pair’s 90-day non-compete clause is up. However, speculation on where they may turn up has been vocalized by many. Although there are many promotions these ladies could turn up to, AEW and IMPACT continue to be the top two places people see them heading to.

AEW’s Shawn Spears recently spoke with Inside the Ropes’ Kenny McIntosh in an exclusive interview. Being the husband of Cassie Lee, it should come as no surprise he hopes that both women end up in AEW together. He agreed that this is his “selfish” thinking but confirms he has no say in the matter.

Shawn Spears speaks on The IIconics at the 19-minute mark

“Yeah, yeah. So I think, obviously, they would assume that would be the plan that because I work there, her husband works there, that it’s just, naturally she’s going to… Those questions are above my pay grade. I don’t have anything to do with the hiring process. Selfishly, of course! Why would I not want my wife working there? Not only do I feel it’d be great to see her on a weekly basis with me, but what her and Jess can offer our women’s division and the entertainment world as a whole is just second to none.”

IMPACT Wrestling has already aired their teaser video for Slammiversary and just like last year, they have teased the recently released WWE talent. It is important to note that just because they made this tease does not mean that is where the talent will end up.

For the former IIconics, they showed an Australian flag which alluded to them being an option. IMPACT has also been working with AEW recently, but the two companies are still very much separate. In fact, the women of each promotion have not crossed over despite the wish of both talent and fans alike.

Credit: WWE

Spears continues the talk about AEW CEO and President Tony Khan and how he knows what both Cassie Lee & Jessica McKay could bring to the table.

“You’ve seen how entertaining they are. I don’t need to explain to you what they bring to the table, and I don’t think I would need to explain to Tony Khan what they bring to the table either. That guy knows everything about every talent. He’s just…He’s a numbers guy. He’s got everything down to a science and he’s got the memory of like…I’ve never seen anything like it, it blows my mind. But selfishly, of course, I would love to see them both in AEW.”

He continued –

“I think, at some point, somebody’s going to put them both on TV so selfishly, I’d like us to get a grab of them first, because wherever they land, they’re going to stand out, they’re going to make a splash. They’re going to make headlines. I want those headlines right alongside AEW, so for the business sense of things, yes, I want them with us. For the selfish personal aspect of things – Yes, I want them with us. But again, those conversations are for talent relations and they’re for the EVP’s and they’re for CEOs.”

Credit: WWE

Where would you see The IIconics wind up? Where may they excel the most to make those headlines? Leave your thoughts below.

Full credit for transcriptions and interview goes to Inside the Ropes.

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