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Shelly Martinez Wants TNA Return

Former WWE Diva and TNA Knockout, Shelly Martinez wants a return to her former Impact Zone stomping grounds. Martinez, who competed in TNA as Salinas from late 2007 through late 2008 posted the following message on her MySpace:

I was talking to my friend today and he asked me if I would go back to TNA. I told him I would LOVE to. Now that I have laid the ground work for other goals TNA won’t take away from my schedule. My friend said, ” I would love to see you back, do they know?” “Yes” I replied :) He then suggested I post our convo on my myspace, facebook and site. “I am sure your fans would let TNA know what they want” is what he said when we finished our talk. So as per my friends advise here I am :) We shall we what happens next…..

With the company recently losing a slew of Knockouts, three in as many months [though one is still up in the air], could Martinez slot back into the division? No doubt that she has a great, unique look that would be a welcome asset to any roster.

What do you think? Would you like to see Shelly back in TNA?

Also, if you haven’t listened to our fantastic two-part interview with Shelly last year click here and here to listen.

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