Monday, August 15, 2022

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SHIMMER Volume 35 Taping Results Live from Berwyn, Illinois

Diva Dirt is on hand at this weekend’s SHIMMER festivities in Berwyn, Illinois where the company will be taping four volumes worth of footage. Keep checking back throughout the weekend for exclusive news, results and more.

Below are taping results for SHIMMER Volume 35.

Maya Svensson def. Mia Yim. Maya wins with a gut wrench spinning powerbomb. Quick match but very good showing by both ladies.

SHIMMER Volume 35
1. Melanie Cruise def. Jessica James. Cruise wins after reversing a armbar submission into a modified powerbomb. Decent opening match.

2. Mercedes Martinez def. Misaki Ohata. Mercedes wins via fisherman buster. Insane, hardhitting match. Highlight of the match was Mercedes holding Ohata up for a full 30 second before hitting a brainbuster.

3. Tomoka Nakagawa and Daizee Haze def. Pretty Bitchin’ (Nikki Roxx and Ariel). Ariel and Nikki complimented DD Eric’s pink Power Ranger shirt pre-match. Nakagawa wins via rollup on Ariel after Haze spits water in her face. Nice, lengthy match-up. Haze and Nakagawa make a truly great heel team.

4. Allison Danger def. Veronika Vice via Shimmering Warlock. Way better match than yesterday. Afterwards, Danger brings DD Jennifer’s sign into the ring.

Amber interviews Jessie McKay backstage. She says she gonna take the title from Madison tonight.

Serena vs Portia next.

5. Portia Perez def. Serena via crossface submission. Pre-match Portia harrasses Jen, Eric and I (Steven) about our Power Rangers shirts. Serena reaches the ropes but the referee is distracted by Nicole Matthews and Perez locks it bad on and chokes Serena out. Awesome match from these two!

6. Amazing Kong def. Kellie Skater. Crazy pop from the crowd. Lots of comedy spots from Skater early on. Kong wins via Awesome Bomb. Predictable, but Skater had a very good showing and very entertaining.

Amber interviews Madison backstage. She says everyone is out to get her. She says she’s gonna take Jessie McKay out tonight.

7. Sara Del Rey def. Rachel Summerlyn. Rachel is in control at first but Del Rey gets the advantage when Daffney distracts Rachel once again. Del Rey has spent the entire match working over Summerlynn’s pinky. Del Rey wins via cross arm breaker. After the match Daffney attacks Rachel and Jessica James makes the save. Summerlyn has really improved since the last tapings.

8. Hamada def. Nicole Matthews via Hamada Driver. Very good back and forth match from these two. Crowd was very into it.

Cheerleader Melissa vs Ayumi Kurihara now. Jennifer has a ‘Diva Dirt Loves Cheerleaders’ sign and Melissa shouts us out on camera.

9. Ayumi Kurihara def. Cheerleader Melissa. Ayumi wins after reversing the Kudo Driver into a rollup. Both ladies get a standing ovation.

The Canadian Ninjas cut a promo on Serena and Nicole says she took it to Hamada in their match-up. They said they’re keeping the belts.

10. Madison Eagles def. Jessie McKay via Hell Bound. These two know each other inside and out and it shows. They had a counter for everything. Crowd starts chanting, ‘This is awesome’. Best match of volume and best match of McKay’s career. Great way to end the volume.

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