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Live Coverage: SHINE Wrestling Presents “SHINE 6” – Kharma vs Mercedes Martinez

shine6Diva Dirt presents live coverage of SHINE 6 airing live on iPPV tonight, headlined by Amazing Kong, aka Kharma, taking on Mercedes Martinez. (Order the event)

Full results of the show below:

All times are GMT

01:51 AM: The stream is up and running, with previews of some of the matches that we’ll be seeing tonight. I highly recommend the video hyping Leva Bates vs Kimberly, it tells a great story.

02:00 AM: And we’re off! Daffney is looking wonderful as always.

02:02 AM: The first match is a contest between Tina San Antonio and Mia Yim.

Tina San Antonio vs Mia Yim:

The pair start off slowly, but San Antonio misses a suicide dive attempt to the outside, and Yim capitalises with a big kick to the face, rolls her inside for a two-count. More kicks from Yim, followed by four dropkicks one after the other, for another two-count. Yim goes up top but San Antonio dodges the missile dropkick. San Antonio has the upper hand now, with a snapmare and some hard kicks to the back for two. San Antonio continues her offense with a swinging neckbreaker for another two, and locks in a lethal-looking Mexican Surfboard. Yim escapes but not for long, as San Antonio incapacitates Yim on the turnbuckle. The pair then trade strikes in the centre of the ring, and Yim gets the advantage with a mule kick and a glancing roundhouse kick to San Antonio’s head. Yim goes up top but San Antonio reaches her in time and hits a high powerbomb for two. Torture rack from San Antonio now, but Yim wriggles out and lands a succession of German suplexes. More hard kicks from Yim, and another German suplex for the three-count.

Winner: Mia Yim

02:12 AM: A fun match to start things off. Next up is Leah Von Dutch versus Santana.

Leah Von Dutch vs Santana:

The pair lock up, and Santana takes Leah down and works her arm, but Leah gets the rope. Another lockup, with a nice exchange of chain restholds from both competitors. Santana continues working the Leah’s arm, but Leah gets out with a cheap hair pull, gets Santana into the turnbuckle but Santana escapes and locks in a guillotine. Leah pulls Santana’s hair again to get out. Leah now in command, choking Santana out on the ring ropes. The pair now exchange chops in the turnbuckle, and Leah attempts her Dutch Clutch finisher but Santana grabs the rope. Leah now applying a modified camel clutch. Back on their feet, she hits a snapmare, but Santana couters, Leah counters back with a backdrop but Santana counters yet again with a sunset flip for two. The pair exchange blows, and Santana hits a devastating punch to the face, and continues dominating this segment of the match with some hard strikes. Back on the mat, Santana continues to work the arm, and Leah gets the rope again. Leah now in control with some clotheslines and a knee strike, but goes for the Flying Dutchman only for Santana to get out of the way and hit the Shining Star Press for the victory.

Winner: Santana

02:24 AM: Another great match. Daffney’s given up on her heels and is barefoot in the ring to announce the next match. She’s also on commentary. Fantastic banter!

Up next is Kimber Lee, making her SHINE debut against the veteran Nikki Roxx.

Kimber Lee vs Nikki Roxx:

Kimber Lee gets the first offense in with some armdrags. Lee goes for a bodyslam but Roxx doesn’t budge and hits some armdrags and a bodyslam of her own. Roxx dominating at the point, hitting a big Polish Hammer. Lee reverses a suplex attempt and takes Roxx out by her legs. Lee now using the ropes to choke Roxx, then chopping her hard across her chest. Roxx hits back with a chop of her own, but Lee reverses Roxx’s Irish whip and clotheslines Roxx to regain control. Lee hits a snapmare and a hard kick to the back, then applies a rear chinlock. After a long time, Roxx fights back but Lee soon stops her, pulling her hair and taking her down.  Two-count from Lee, and the two exchange strikes, with a big boot from both wrestlers taking each other out. Lee hits a chin breaker then an STO for two, then goes to the top rope and lands a missile dropkick, only for Roxx to kick out at two again, and all of a sudden hit the Barbie Killer out of nowhere for the three-count.

Winner: Nikki Roxx

02:36 AM: A good win for Nikki Roxx, but a great debut performance from Kimber Lee. Tag team action next, as Made In Sin (Allysin Kay and Taylor Made) take on MsEERIE (MsChif and Christina Von Eerie).

Made In Sin vs MsEERIE:

MsChif and Von Eerie throw Made In Sin out of the ring while April Hunter is doing their introductions. The match starts with Von Eerie and MsChif double-teaming on Taylor Made, and MsChif hitting a two-count. In comes Kay, and MsChif hits a hard elbow then a standing moonsault for two. Von Eerie enters and they continue their double-team offense, tagging in and out quickly and isolating Kay from her partner. MsChif applies a submission hold, but Made breaks it while the ref’s back was turned, and Made In Sin take control. April Hunter does some more damage to MsChif outside of the referee’s line of vision. Kay keeping MsChif grounded with some hard strikes, but MsChif kicks out at two. Enter Taylor Made, with some stinging chops to MsChif’s chest. Kay comes back in, toying with MsChif, but MsChif retaliates only for Kay to strike back with a hard forearm and a kick to the chest, then tag in Made. Outside the ring, April Hunter tries to attack MsChif again, but Von Eerie makes the save. Made and Von Eerie in the ring now, with Von Eerie getting some good offense in, culminating with a sidewalk slam. Von Eerie goes up top, but with the referee’s back turned again Allysin Kay tries to get her down, but Von Eerie counters with a sunset flip. Von Eerie hits another big slam but Kay kicks out at two and three-quarters. Back in the ring, Von Eerie and MsChif hit a Doomsday Device on Taylor Made for the three-count.

Winners: Christina Von Eerie and MsChif

Post-match, Made In Sin and April Hunter beat down Christina Von Eerie in the middle of the ring. Hunter and Kay hit a spike piledriver on Von Eerie, then gloat to the crowd.

02:55 AM: Rain (not dressed to wrestle, given her injury at SHINE 5) comes out as Made In Sin head backstage. Daffney enters the ring to interview her. Rain cuts a standard heelish promo airing her grievances about SHINE management and her position in the promotion…and, erm, not much else. Not really sure what that was about.

The next match is between former WWE developmental talent Ivelisse and Su Yung.

Ivelisse vs Su Yung:

We lock up, and Ivelisse gets the upper hand early on, grounding Su Yung. Su Yung gets incensed when Ivelisse spanks her, and retaliates driving Ivelisse into the turnbuckles, grounding her and spanking her herself. Yung goes up high, Ivelisse tries to counter but Yung executes a nice hurricanrana. Ivelisse retreats to the corner and lands a brutal kick to Yung’s face for a two-count. The pair trade blows, then Ivelisse hits a snapmare and another boot to the face for two. Ivelisse now applying pressure on Yung’s throat using the ropes, and following up with a figure-four headscissors. Yung escapes, but Ivelisse responds with a clothesline, then a few more for good measure. Ivelisse misses a rolling elbow, and Yung hits a rapid flurry of punches to the midsection, followed by a clothesline. Yung picks Ivelisse up and spins her round, making them both dizzy. Ivelisse trips over Yung, and Yung capitalises, getting a two count. Yung goes for a kick but Ivelisse reverses with a pinning combination for two, then Yung hits a pin of her own, for two again. Ivelisse then locks in a guillotine, then turns it into a DDT for the win.

Winner: Ivelisse

03:12 AM: Another solid performance. Matt Hardy is shown at ringside, as up next we have his ladyfriend Reby Sky in a rematch against Jessicka Havok. Last time these two met, Havok got the victory in comprehensive fashion. Can Reby get retribution? My prediction is, to be frank, no.

Damn, Jessicka Havok is cool.

Jessicka Havok vs Reby Sky:

Reby Sky enters the ring and lunges straight for Havok, beating her down. The fight goes to the outside, with Sky losing the advantage upon missing a clothesline and hitting the ringpost. Havok works the bruised arm, and rolls Sky back into the ring, continuing working her arm, wrapping it around the ring ropes. Sky almost gets some offense in, but Havok seems just too much for her, taking out Sky with a blistering kick to the head for two. Havok now applying a cross armbreaker, but Sky reverses it into a pin attempt. Havok kicks out at two. Havok takes control again, going back to the arm. Great isolation technique from Havok, who hits a succession of backbreakers on Sky, before Sky counters with a hurricanrana, but before she can get any more momentum Havok lands a huge boot to Sky’s face. Sky manages to pick herself up and get a few strikes in, followed by a crossbody, which takes Havok off her feet. She goes up top and hits a double axehandle, but Havok blocks the second attempt, only for Sky to counter that with a tornado DDT for two. Sky goes for a Twist of Fate but Havok escapes. Sky dodges Havok’s baseball slide and lands a plancha to the outside. Nice! Back in the ring, Sky attempts a pin but Havok kicks out at two. Sky goes up top again, but Havok is having none of it, and hits a fallaway slam from the second rope. Havok works Sky’s arms even more now, but Sky reaches the ropes, only for Havok to drag her away and keep applying the Rings of Saturn. This continues for a while, but Matt Hardy throws in the towel and the match is over.

Winner: Jessicka Havok

Havok and Hardy stare each other down, then Havok exits while Hardy tends to Sky. Talk about a one-sided match, but credit to Sky for her effort.

03:31 AM: The excellent video package hyping Leva Bates and Kimberly’s rematch is on. Their match is next!

Leva Bates vs Kimberly:

Bates (is she dressed as Daffney?) comes out and attacks Kimberly from behind. She unleashes a flurry of offense on Kimberly. Flying shoulder tackle from Bates for a two-count. More strikes from Kimberly, who has yet to achieve any offense yet. Reverse DDT from Leva for two, then Kimberly finally gains control with a spinebuster, then chokes Leva with her t-shirt. Kimberly gets Leva into the tree of woe, but Leva escapes, attempts a bulldog, Kimberly dodges and hits a clothesline. Kimberly goes for a cloverleaf but Leva reverses with a small package for two. Some hard chops and forearms from Leva in the turnbuckle, then a dragon sleeper on the ropes. Kimberly escapes and hits a dropkick, and the match goes to the outside. Kimberly throws Leva against the ringpost, and the two brawl outside the ring for a little, Leva Irish whipping Kimberly into the wall. Leva does a run-up, but Kimberly reverses into a spinebuster. Leva then counters Kimberly and the match returns to the ring. Kimberly goes for the cloverleaf again, but Leva reverses, takes her down with a drop-toe hold. but Kimberly dodges the double knee and hits a Samoan drop, then picks Leva up before the three-count could be made! Leva lands a spear, but Kimberly dodges the superkick and locks in the cloverleaf. Leva has no choice but to tap.

Winner: Kimberly

Kimberly can’t believe it. She goes a bit crazy, hugging everyone, before making her way backstage as an angry Leva Bates tries to chase her out. She catches her and they brawl all the way to the back.

03:51 AM: Main event time, as Mercedes Martinez makes her way out for her match with Amazing Kong. This should be awesome.

Mercedes Martinez vs Amazing Kong:

Martinez gets out of the ring to gather herself. We begin with a battle of forearm shots, before Kong lands a huge clothesline to take control. A hard chop from Kong to Martinez’s chest, then a side headlock, but Martinez pushes her against the ropes only for Kong to respond with a shoulder block. Kong grounds Martinez, working her legs, but Martinez counters with her feet and goes for a pin. Only a one count. Martinez lands some more strikes, but Kong replies with a headbutt. Kong toys with Martinez for a bit, applying a camel clutch, then a bodyscissors with a rear naked choke. Martinez is being utterly dominated here. Kong whips Martinez into the turnbuckle and charges into her, then goes for a running senton splash but Martinez rolls out of the way. Kong regains control soon enough, with a big clothesline getting two. Martinez responds with a barrage of forearm strikes, then a big boot. Martinez goes high, and hits a missile dropkick, taking down Kong, but only getting a two-count. Martinez sets up for the fisherman buster, but Kong reverses and hits a nodawa, then goes for a splash from the top rope but Martinez rolls away again. Back in control, Kong goes up and lands the splash successfully, but Martinez kicks out! Kong attempts a powerbomb, but Martinez reverses it brilliantly into a facebuster. The referee begins the double count. Both get up at nine! Martinez goes for the fisherman buster, but Kong counters with a spinning backfist, knocking out Martinez. As Kong goes to hit a fisherman buster of her own, Rain comes out and distracts the referee, then April Hunter takes out Kong! Martinez gets the pinfall for the victory, and Made In Sin pounce on the helpless Kong.

Winner: Mercedes Martinez

Well, that was unexpected. MsChif comes out to Kong’s aid, but Made In Sin take her out too. Out comes a backup referee, but Allysin Kay superkicks him, knocking him out! More members of the SHINE roster come out to help, but Made In Sin are clearing house. This is chaos! Ivelisse enters and joins the group in the ring, and Rain announces that they are “Valkyrie”. That explains the weird cryptic video that was released by SHINE the other day. It looks like a new stable is born! The five members celebrate and pose in the ring, while the Valkyrie logo flashes up on the screen.

Ladies and gentlemen, thanks for joining me for our live coverage of SHINE 6! Check back tomorrow for a full review, but until then, I’m off to bed! Goodnight all!



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