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Shotzi Blackheart takes on Io Shirai next week in a non-title match

On this week’s NXT, it has been teased that Shotzi Blackheart may be the next in line to face Io Shirai for the NXT Women’s Championship. It all came into focus after Blackheart helped Shirai take out both Aliyah and Robert Stone.

Stone was backstage being interviewed as he came across Blackheart’s tank. He had every intention to destroy the tank which has run him over on three different occasions. Blackheart would appear to stop him and threw a punch to take him down. Aliyah then jumped Blackheart from behind and after a few punches, knocks her through a curtain.

What Aliyah didn’t realize is that Io Shirai was having a photoshoot on the other side of the curtain. This pushed down the champion and angered her. Shirai would follow Aliyah into the ring and between her and Blackheart, the Robert Stone Brand found themselves in trouble.

Stone would reappear and attempt to help Aliyah, however, the two would be taken out by both Blackheart and Shirai. The teamwork was short-lived however because afterward, Blackheart would pick up Shirai’s championship. As Shirai went to take it, Blackheart would pull it away. This left the Joshi Judas seething as she warns Blackheart not to mess with her.

Next week it has been announced that Shirai and Blackheart will go one-on-one in a non-title match.

What do you make of this match? Do you think Blackheart will be the next in line for a title shot? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

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