Friday, June 21, 2024

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Shotzi Returns To Terrorize Bayley; Zelina Vega Defeats IYO SKY

Shotzi returns for the first time to SmackDown since shaving her head a few weeks ago.

On the Grayson Waller Effect segment, his guests were Bayley and Ms. Money in the Bank IYO SKY. Waller asked if SKY was gonna cash in tomorrow night at SummerSlam. Before SKY could answer, Bayley said why would they give up their plans. We then heard Shotzi’s maniacal laugh play which caused Bayley start to exit the ring in fear. Waller laughed as he said he played that and she really thought it was Shotzi herself.

Waller asks Bayley why is she so scared of Shotzi which Bayley denies. Shotzi’s music hits and her tank emerges, but it isn’t Shotzi in it, it is Zelina Vega. Instead, Shotzi appeared in the ring. After landing a punch, Shotzi chased Bayley through the crowd with an electric razor.

A match between Vega and SKY would take place next. Final moments had SKY get the knees in the corner as she went to head up top for her moonsault. Instead she was distracted by Shotzi chasing Bayley out onto the stage trying to cut her hair.

A powerbomb delievered to SKY followed by the Code Red gave Vega the win.

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