Monday, February 26, 2024
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Shotzi & Rodriguez Gain Momentum Heading Into Fatal Four Way Tag Title Match


Raquel Rodriguez is getting acclimated to her new tag partner in Shotzi.

Since having to vacate the tag titles due to Liv Morgan’s injury, Rodriguez had to find a new tag team parneter. She will get a chance to win the tag team belts back with Shotzi on this coming Monday’s Raw. It will be a Fatal Four way that also includea Damage CTRL, Sonya Deville & Cheslea Green, and Shayna Baszler & Ronda Rousey.

Before they get to Monday however, Rodriguez and Shotzi had to take on Damage CTRL’s Bayley and IYO SKY. The final moments of the match had Bayley go for a sunset flip on Rodriguez but couldn’t get her over. SKY, who was on the top rope, backdropped on Shotzi. However Rodriguez was able to pin Bayley picking up the win.

As Night of Champions is set for tomorrow, the Raw Women’s Champion addressed her opponent Asuka. Belair stated the Asuka she knew at WrestleMania she respected. But this Asuka? She does not. She was not happy about Asuka interrupting her home championship celebration a few weeks ago. Asuka’s music would hit and she would emerge from behind Belair in the ring

Asuka locked in an arm bar and wouldn’t release until officials had to come out and break it up. The women broke free and Belair went for the KOD but Asuka landed on the officials. She quickly rolled out of the ring and laughed as she exited up the ramp.

Diva Dirt will have a Night of Champions Discussion Post ready to go at 1 PM ET on Saturday.