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Should WWE produce a Queen of the Ring tournament?

According to the SmackDown Women’s Champion Bayley, she says – Yes.

Bayley spoke recently to KSFY Morning Show. She comments on the King of the Ring returning and how it would be great if the women could get their own.

Credit: WWE

“When you’re a fan like me who has watched for years, it was something that was taken away. It was like, ‘Dang. That was one of the coolest shows.’ There’s so much pressure on all the guys. There’s so much history to it. The fact that they brought it back is a dream come true for a lot of those guys.”

“We kinda want a Queen of the Ring. If you guys could make that happen, I would love that.”

Although this is the first King of the Ring in four years it is to be expected that the women are feeling left out. As a result, the fans of women’s wrestling are missing out. Despite SummerSlam which held a total of four matches, the women have been severely placed on the back burner. Some may say we are right back to square one with how the women roster is handled.

On average there has been only one match featuring female talent per RAW and SmackDown shows. This week there was only one match on RAW and zero matches on SmackDown. With King of the Ring in full swing until Clash of Champions on Sept. 15 this is going to take even more time away.

There has been no official word from WWE for an all woman-focused event such as the Mae Young Classic or another Evolution. It is clear that with the move of SmackDown to the Fox Network that they want to focus on the bigger names such as Bayley and Charlotte Flair. Sasha Banks‘ huge return and Becky Lynch is perfect to focus on for RAW. All of this seems practical (whether you like it or not), however, they could have at least utilized all of the unused talents to participate in a Queen of the Ring.

The next Saudi Arabia show is creeping up shortly on Oct 31. This will set the women even further back as the male talent will be focused heavily around that time. If there is nothing to elevate the female talent from Hell in A Cell on Oct. 6 until Survivor Series on Nov. 24 we are looking at seven more weeks of little to no booking.

The rest of the year isn’t looking too promising for women wrestling fans in WWE. The least they could have done was give us a Queen of the Ring.

Credit to WrestleTalk for the transcription.

What are your thoughts on WWE doing a Queen of the Ring? Would this have at least been a nice replacement for Evolution? Discuss your thoughts in the comment section.

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