Wednesday, February 28, 2024

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Show Me The Greens!


Apparently, in America, they have green money and apparently, Awesome Kong isn’t happy about the amount of green TNA newcomer, Brutus Magnus, will be receiving. Brutus Magnus is best known as a gladiator on the UK incarnation of the American show Gladiators. You know? The one where they run into walls and hang from the ceiling. Things of that nature.

Kong’s made it clear that she feels she deserves to be paid more than Magnus. No doubt, Awesome Kong has contributed a lot to the company and helped shape the Knockouts division to be what it is today, whereas Magnus has yet to make a strong impact and is still very new to TNA. I can see Kong’s point of view. I’d take the same stance. Getting paid less than a rookie after the effort she’s put in?

Dixie Carter, the president of TNA, is said to be the person who pushed to hire Magnus. This push is due to her preference of charisma to actual in-ring ability. However, when Kong’s character doesn’t speak, it’s kinda of hard for her to be charismatic. Right?

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