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Site News: Serious Message on Recent Behaviour, Bash Live Blog & More

I hate to have to do this but I’m becoming incredibly frustrated and I think it needs to be said. The behaviour of some commenters on the site as of late has gotten out of hand and we are no longer willing to put up with it. If you are simply commenting for the purpose of abusing members of staff and/or other readers, you will be banned. No warnings. No second chances.

We have never tried to censor comments, everyone is entitled to their opinions and we welcome debate. If you’re visiting this site, we’re assuming you’re grown up and mature enough to be able to have your opinion and understand other people’s opinions. If you don’t agree with someone, you are free to engage in healthy debate. But more often than not lately, that ‘debate’ has become less than healthy and people are using the comments to be abusive and take cheap shots at other people. It’s not on and I won’t accept it.

Secondly, to those of you out there who have the audacity to hide behind an anonymous username and criticse & abuse the staff — grow the fuck up. Erin and I have built this site from nothing and we think we’ve done a pretty damn good job. People may not agree with our opinions but we have never claimed to be a news site, we have never claimed to be an ‘accurate source’ for information. Between March 2008 and present day, I have probably poured hundreds of dollars into running this site, for no profit. We offer free content every single day. We don’t have to do what we do, but we choose to and we work hard to put together stuff for our visitors every day. If you want to sit behind your monitor and criticise me, because God forbid, I don’t know exactly what TNA has taped for each of it’s shows, you can fall off the ends of the Earth along with Perez Hilton as far as I’m concerned.

I dare you to walk a mile in our shoes. I dare you to go out and pour hundreds of dollars of your own money and create your own website. I dare you to put together your own unique content every single day. I dare you to grow the readership we’ve grown, gain the contacts that we’ve gained and gain the respect we’ve gained from different people in the industry including those we write about. Then you can e-mail me and criticise me all you like.

Furthermore, there have been some not so pleasant comments towards our new writer Tiffany. I’d like you to hypothetically imagine what it must be like to join a newspaper or a blog that has a lot of readers. You’re going to be nervous, you have to get used to it and you may mess up. It’s about finding your way. Tiffany has made a really admirable start, if I do say so myself. So those of you that want to offer her advice in her posts, please do so constructively because any one of us can tell you how hard it is when you’re just getting started. Be kind and be constructive.

With the unpleasantries over, I’d like to remind you all that we are hosting our first live blog since the Draft three months ago tomorrow night! The Bash live blog will go live tomorrow at 7.45pm ET, where we’ll be discussing the PPV as it happens and you can react instantly to the Melina-Michelle match!

We have also updated our staff page yay! So if you’re looking to stalk learn more about us & giggle over our pictures, you know what to do.

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