Slammiversary Results, Taya Valkyrie retains Knockouts Title


IMPACT Wrestling’s yearly pay-per-view event Slammiversary took place today. Taya Valkyrie emerged still as your Knockouts Champion. After a brutal four-way Monster’s Ball match involving Havok, Su Yung, and Rosemary, the champion raised her title in victory.

The match didn’t take long to bring out the weapons and start producing some hardcore action. Chairs, trashcans, and other objects are brought into the match. Yung and Havok attempt to keep their partnership going by teaming up throughout the first half of the bout. This teamwork ends later when Yung applies the mandible claw on Havok on several occasions.

Heavier artillery in the form of a ladder is then introduced into the match. Valkyrie, Rosemary, and Yung take a suplex spot on Havok who was laying on the ladder in the middle of the ring.

Rosemary brings in a bag of thumbtacks. Bringing the tacks into the match backfires on Rosemary as Valkyrie takes advantage and stomps her face-first into them.

A table was then set up outside the ring. Valkyrie sends herself and Rosemary through the table from the ring apron. The thumbtacks weren’t finished with quite yet. Havok hits a massive tombstone on Yung from the ropes onto the tacks. Havok went for the pin, but the champion hits her with a chair and takes the pin on Yung to retain the Knockouts Championship.

In the main event of the evening, Tessa Blanchard earned this moment in her intergender match with Sami Callihan. This feud has received a tremendous build-up and has become quite personal between the two. It being placed in the main event is well deserved. The crowd was firmly behind Blanchard throughout the match.

Some highlights of the match include the following:

  • Blanchard is powerbombed on the ring apron
  • On the ramp, Callihan attempts another powerbomb but she counters and hits a cutter.
  • He attempts a piledriver, but Blanchard counters and hits a DDT for a two count
  • Blanchard back elbows the referee knocking him out. Callihan grabs his bat and hits her with it. Receives a two count as a result of a second referee and then he attacks him.
  • She ends up spitting in his face and delivers a low blow when he attempts to hit her again with the bat. She gets a bat of her own and hits him.
  • Blanchard hits Magnum from the top rope for a count of two. She turns it over into a crossface where Callihan almost taps. He counters and hits a package piledriver where she kicks out.
  • He hits a second piledriver and picks up the win.

After the match, Callihan looked like he was going to attack her with one of the bats again. Instead, he hands her one of the bats and heads to the back.

What did you think of these matches from Slammiversary? Did you want to see Taya Valkyrie retain? Should Tessa Blanchard have won her match? Discuss your opinions in the comment section!!